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Lem OG

from Punch Extracts

Together, it’s sweet lemon with a thick OG sidekick escorting the citrus through the crowd. 

Lem OG (1987 Pakistani Citröen Hashplant x Dead Head OG)

At first glance, Punch Extracts’ new Half & Half series looks like an expensive deconstructed appetizer.

Combining two different consistencies in one jar, this new round of collaborations between Punch and Sonoma County’s Valley Grove Farms creates a miniature terp-cuterie board, allowing you a chance to experience a strain in subtly different ways.

For this month’s feature, we quickly zeroed in on this Lem OG that had a fresh press and badder version inside. Bred by Lempire Farm Seeds in Mendocino, this well-known cultivar crosses a 1987 Pakistani Citröen Hashplant with Dead Head OG. It’s the strain that scored second place for rosin at the 2015 Emerald Cup, and third for ice hash in 2017 – known for dumping hash and having extremely expressive limonene terps.

The badder is soft and sticky with a look similar to natural sea sponges, and the fresh press is a see-through amber with just a little bit of streaking in there – making the whole thing look like a course of sea urchin and gelatin. I personally loved watching little flecks of the badder get trapped in the fresh press like some kind of gelatinous slime creature taking over.

Alone, the fresh press has a flavor that’s light and lemony at the start, with an effervescent aftertaste and a decently expressive OG funk in the middle. Just the badder gives you about 80% of that lemon flavor, but trades the other 20% in for some OG terps on the back end that’ll light you up like some smelling salts. Together, it’s sweet lemon with a thick OG sidekick escorting the citrus through the crowd.  

When we asked Punch Extracts what their favorite part of the collab was, they said getting to take those globs of flavorful badder and dip them into the cold cure – creating a super terpy experience they lovingly refer to as a “glazed donut dab.”

These consistency combos are a great way to diversify your stash or mix up your daily dab ritual. Similar to the way video game fans can switch out alternate skins for their favorite characters, you can now do so with your favorite concentrates as well.

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This article was originally published in the June 2023 issue of California Leaf.

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