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Lemon Cake Terp Diamonds

from Creme de Canna

Provides a much-needed pick-me-up along with a righteous high.

For our 2023 Edibles Issue we’re concentrating (pun intended) on this hard-hitting offering from Santa Cruz legends Creme de Canna. Which is perfect considering they originally started back in 2010 by making infused ice cream! Purveyors of Cannabis extracts since 2012, their 11-year record shows a solid history of providing quality and affordable options for the dab scene as it has evolved and changed over the last decade.  

With so many people shopping over the end of the year, it’s often when dabbers are looking for something that’s super potent, not too aromatic and easy to handle. These Terp Diamonds check off all the boxes. Sometimes also known as “Lemon Cheesecake” or “Lemon Cheese,” this sativa-hybrid strain provides a much-needed pick-me-up along with a righteous high. Made by crossing Lemon Skunk with Cheese, the flower has a mix of that heavy-duty citrus cleanser with some musty cheese. 

Not entirely unlike the ones in the window at Tiffany’s, these diamonds are crystals formed when live resin is extracted from Cannabis. Made up of THCA, they have an insanely high percentage but lack those terpenes that often help develop the aroma of a strain or extract. THCA is also a non-psychoactive form of THC that only drops the ‘A’ when it’s been heated up (decarboxylated) using a temperature greater than what you’d use to light a joint or spark a bong.  

Being giant boulder diamonds without the sauce, these don’t have an aroma to them – but are instead the easiest thing in the world to snag with your bare hands and drop into your e-rig or glass banger. The flavor is slight but citrus, and it’s almost too easy to toss on a big rock and end up taking your breath away with a giant dab. Even though this is described as a sativa-leaning high, you’ll get plenty of that quintessential stoney feeling.

When you’re ready for dessert this holiday season, drop a big hunk of this Lemon Cake onto the quartz saucer and watch your troubles absolutely melt away.

cremedecanna.com | @cremedecanna_

This article was originally published in the December 2023 issue of California Leaf.

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