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Live Rosin

from Arctic Ice Extracts

A pure solventless extract that drips from the plates like liquid dabbable gold.

Experience the freshest hit of Alaskan Cannabis with the new lineup of solventless concentrates from Arctic Ice Extracts.

Growing Cannabis and making hash is a true labor of love and there is no greater expression of this passion than the solventless hash rosin movement. To make real-deal rosin, first the plant has to be grown, fresh frozen and turned into ice water bubble hash. Once the bubble hash has been hand stirred and washed in bubble bags at freezing temperatures, it is then kept frozen and stored in cheesecloth-style rosin bags. From there, it’s squished under immense pressure between heated plates – forcing out a pure solventless extract that drips from the plates like liquid dabbable gold.

To sum it up: Rosin is truly the tastiest solvent-free concentrate that you can hope to dab, but it’s also a low-yielding and high-labor process that carries a top-shelf price tag, and requires dedication to bring to market. That’s where Tony Delarm and Drew White (@herbobaggins) come in – having put in the time and effort to grow strains that produce enough resin to wash into hash. And for that, we thank them!

Starting with the Arctic Rush, a super-high terpene, golden and sappy rosin that oozes with sour-citrus gas and a funky, fermented apples and Kush finish. First low-temp inhales are rich and earthy, with a sharp and fuelly tang that rushes a cerebral buzz into the frontal lobes – filling the mind with a euphoric energy that’s great for daytime activities.

What goes up must come down, so we shifted to the Garlic Alchemist to wrap us up in a big stoney blanket of sour, funky gas. This strain smells like a lemon and garlic clove were left together in a bag, fermenting and ripening into a powerful funk that can fill a room with delicious garlic terps. Stoney and heavy, this strain slows the mind and puts consciousness in the moment – peering through a blazed veil of warm and fuzzies that’s a perfect daytime escape or end-of-day relaxer.

Next we dove into the rosin carts, which are known for delivering a full-plant experience and heavy effects. The Sunrise Surprise provides a super smooth hit, filling the lungs with a floral and fruity gas with a terpy tingle of the nose on exhale. Immediately uplifting and euphoric, this is a delicious on-the-go cart that delivers the full effects of a dab.

Finishing with the Face Blaster sounded dirty, so we had to finish with a bang! This raw and sour gas tastes of rubber, garlic and Gorilla Glue in a sour lover’s delight. Each funky hit builds a heavy high that turns the body into a puddle of Silly Putty, relaxed and dazed with thoughts of food and blankets. Perfect for hibernating and chilling, the Face Blaster and the full lineup of solventless products from Arctic Ice Extracts will keep you high as the temperatures go low this winter.


Live Rosin Cold Cure
Arctic Rush 70.36% THC, 8.89% Terpenes
Garlic Alchemist 68.36% THC, 4.26% Terpenes

Live Rosin Carts
Sunrise Surprise 71.08% THC, 6.88% Terpenes
Face Blaster 73.92% THC, 8.97% Terpenes


This article was originally published in the December 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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