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Neapolitan Sherbert Solventless Diamonds

from Eden Solventless

Eden truly cares about bringing top-shelf, fine-wine quality products to the Cannabis market.

Eden Solventless is a brand that connoisseurs will want to stay on top of as they continue to showcase their skills here in Maryland. Solventless processors are a rare thing in and of themselves, but a team that can produce a consistently high-quality product on top of maintaining a dedication to the solventless arts, is almost unheard of. 

But fear not Maryland: Eden has come to lead the way in our market for top-shelf products, and their Neapolitan Sherbert solventless diamonds are the perfect display of their talents. 

For those of you not in the know, concentrates can be made with and without solvents. As a company, Eden has made the decision to dedicate all of their resources towards the solventless side of the spectrum because they truly care about bringing top-shelf, fine-wine quality products to the Cannabis market. 

Neapolitan Sherbert is overflowing with aroma and flavor even through a sealed box, and when opened, absolutely dominates the olfactory senses of anyone in a 10-foot radius. At the top of the nose is the prevalence of the citrus-spice notes that are imparted by the pairing of limonene and caryophyllene, but as one continues to waft the scent around, one notices an ever-changing spiral of aroma featuring light whiffs of micro-terpenes like fenchol, terpineol and camphene. Because Eden is a solventless team (and a really good one at that), they were able to preserve a much higher fraction of the micros – which truly lends a uniquely flavorful experience to the sauce of these diamonds. 

I’ll quit trying to wrap words around the medley of quality Cannabis aromas living in this Neapolitan Sherbert … and rather, just strongly encourage you to go find some for yourself so you can experience what I’m attempting to talk about. May your palate be as pleasantly confused with flavor as mine. 


This article was originally published in the November 2023 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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