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Orange Drizzle Live Cold Cure Hash Rosin

from Evermore Cannabis Company

This heady, nuanced dab with a strong citrus scent is a crowd pleaser that produces a clean, delightful high.

Truly a representation of an exemplary Cannabis concentrate, Evermore Cannabis Company’s Orange Drizzle live cold cure hash rosin is absolutely one of the finest products I have ever dabbed. 

Evermore has always been known for top tier quality in Maryland, but they have taken their hash line a step further by creating a rosin from their ice water hash – a product some argue is the highest expression of Cannabis oil. This means that they used ice water to separate the trichome heads, dried them, and then pressed the resin heads between two heated plates at high pressure to further separate the resin from the waxy cuticle of the trichome. The result is known as rosin, and when done right, represents some of the highest quality Cannabis in the whole world. 

The Orange Drizzle was our favorite out of Evermore’s new line of live hash rosin and a glorious representation of Cannabis excellence. Fruity and floral notes dominate the top of the aroma, but this dab is so nuanced and layered that it evolves with each whiff … and each dab. 

Exploring the scent of this concentrate is a true adventure, as it spiraled me through a variety of strong citrus fruits and effervescent florals. This rosin smells notably of clementines and grapefruits on top of an earthy and floral base that has hints of fig, apricot, sandalwood, geranium, magnolia and just a touch of petrol underscoring the bouquet. The Orange Drizzle is like a tropical breakfast for the nose, saturating the mind in a cascade of fruit and flower that is quite unparalleled in the Maryland market. 

The high unfolds in waves that mirror the freshness of the flavor, bringing a limonene-fueled brightness to the mind as the caryophyllene sways comfortably in the background, washing away the stress of the day. All in all, it’s downright delightful.

Hash rosin, in general, is always worth sampling – but this Orange Drizzle by Evermore Cannabis Company is something special that everyone should experience. Their team’s ability to capture the quintessential essence of their cultivar is truly the work of artisans in their craft, and I will be dabbing on this Orange Drizzle for weeks to come!

This article was originally published in the April 2022 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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