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Painkiller XL CBD Rick Simpson Oil

from gLeaf

"My body entered a state of boisterous tranquility and all my screaming neurons quieted."

CBD RSO is an extraordinarily effective medicinal product for all types of symptoms, and gLeaf Medical’s Painkiller XL CBD RSO is a top notch version of its healing powers.

This edible oil is a concentrated crude extract that offers a depth of healing relief unparalleled in the medical Cannabis world. Incorporating every aspect of the plant, RSO provides a robust, full-bodied, healing aura that touches the hardest symptoms patients deal with. Given that RSO is meant to be taken orally and not dabbed, most of the quality points you see in a traditional dab extract don’t matter. Additionally, I would never say that RSO tastes good, but again, that is hardly the point. What I will say is the dark, phyto-rich material produces robust medicinal benefits across the board. 

I decided to try to use this product for a sleep experiment and ate about half a syringe a few hours before bedtime. This is my personal dosage level and I encourage everyone to dose themselves based on their own structured self experimentation and personal bodily reactions. I noted the spicy and oily plant taste that comes with RSO, and found it pretty comparable to a THC RSO flavor-wise. About an hour went by and I had almost forgotten I had taken it, when suddenly my body felt loose…

I was lying on my couch, dissociating into the TV when my muscles noticeably exhaled and melted into the cushions. The looseness of my typically arthritic joints was everything that I had come to love from my RSO regimen, but now, there was no high. Perhaps I felt slightly more cloudy, but that was in a drowsy, ‘time for bed’ sense – not in an ‘alternative state of consciousness’ sense. My body entered a state of boisterous tranquility and all my screaming neurons quieted, bringing a lightness to my body that definitely got me comfortable enough to fall asleep.

As I continued my TV watching, fully melted into the couch and supremely comfortable, I decided I would pack myself a bowl and head up to bed. I kid you not, I took one small bong rip – the babiest of hits – and fell asleep within five minutes. The build-up of CBD in my system was instantly receptive to the tiniest of THC doses and I was asleep, right there on the couch, never making it up to my bed.

I cannot express in words how exquisite my sleep was. For all intents and purposes, this was a medicated coma. A completely dreamless, full-bodied, deep and restful, full night of sleep. I woke up, still loose and pain free, without a touch of grogginess and marveling that I didn’t make it to my bed. This was an amazing experience and I want to thank gLeaf Medical for producing their Painkiller XL CBD RSO! They provided me with one of my best night’s sleep in recent memory. 

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This article was originally published in the April 2021 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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