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Papaya Cold Cure Live Rosin

from Evermore Cannabis Company

The light funk and slight gas is the perfect accent to the tropical medley.

Evermore Cannabis Company is winding down the cold weather by warming us up with their mouth-watering and cold-cured Papaya hash rosin. As a connoisseur and general lover of all things Cannabis, I make an effort to explore all the rosin I possibly can. Yes, the price tag can be hefty – but the highs are also otherworldly, as it’s the highest quality product class we have access to. 

This Papaya manages to stand out in an already stunning crowd as a truly exceptional little dollop of Cannabis resin. The hash rosin itself looks a bit on the dry and crumbly side for a rosin, but the cold cure seems to have locked all the liquid goodness into a thick and easy-to-work-with product that resembles a dazzling liquefied fruit.

With almost 3% (half of the profile) consisting of limonene, you knew it was going to be a fruity variety, but I was totally unprepared for the whirlwind of robust aromas. This dab lives up to its namesake with an unquestionable papaya scent at the top of the nose – literally hitting your olfactory system as if you dipped your nose into the freshly-cut fruit itself. But Evermore’s premium rosins are rarely so one dimensional … continued wafts of our delicious samples yielded nuanced tropical notes of kiwi, mango and jackfruit, all nestled perfectly upon the slightest hint of funk. I want to say it is like a tropical-style sangria that has just started to turn bad. The light funk and slight gas is the perfect accent to the tropical medley – accentuating the fruity essences and reminding me of how pleasant aromas can bring back the best of memories. 

True to form, Evermore’s Papaya rosin tastes as delicious as it smells – with a complex cycle of fruit and funk tumbling through my system with every inhale and exhale. The terpene profile dominated by limonene and myrcene ushered in a headspace loaded with giggles and carefree stoniness – proving that a dab of this little fruit bomb is like a new age ticket to a classic high, perfect for replacing winter’s shivering chill with a chilled-out glow.

evermorecompany.com | @evermorebrands

This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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