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from Deez Treez

Sweet and doughy, with a hint of creamy goodness.

This time of year in Maine, the last remnants of winter’s chill fight off the incoming spring thaw. The frost covered, bleak, barren landscape can feel like a lonely alien planet, but fear not – a small flickering glimmer of (hash) hope can bring color and warmth back to your world.  

Piedough, grown and processed by Deez Treez in Maine, is a deliciously potent cold-cure hash rosin that can help melt away the winter blues and feel like you’ve been transported back to your grandma’s kitchen. This culinary-inspired creation was bred by Cannarado, another one of their winning genetic lines that includes Sundae Driver, Wedding Pie and one of my personal favorites for hash extraction, Grape Pie.

Piedough is a cross between Animal Cookies x Stardawg and Grape Pie, a genetic powerhouse that creates a THC-heavy washer with exceptional taste. Deez Treez has been growing this particular strain for a little over two years after it was gifted to him from Mag Farms (@magfarms). Grown in coco under LED lighting and boosted by Drip Hydro, it has quickly become a buzzworthy fan favorite across New England. 

Deez Treez version of Piedough is one that locals have recommended to me for a while and for good reason. The remarkably wet, 70-149u rosin was bursting out of the jar with smells and flavors so vivid they could have been handcrafted in your grandmother’s mixing bowl. Upon cracking this jar, your sense of smell will be hugged by sweet desserts, freshly-baked cookies and confectionary treats. The aroma of fresh cookies baking in the oven – sweet and doughy, with a hint of creamy goodness – immediately takes over your nose before the faintest underlying hint of fruit emerges below. Once dabbed, each inhale brings a burst of the aforementioned flavors, while the exhale is a complex arrangement of desserts with a multifaceted fruit note gifted from its Grape Pie parents. 

Just like grandma, this hash rosin is happy to spoil you and will make you feel warm, safe and loved – taking care of you while bringing great taste, potency and effects to the party. There is an immediate head rush behind the eyes, on top of a slower building body high that starts with an intense, powerful, lung-expanding experience. The high is pleasantly sedative, lowering eyelids in a slow, gentle manner that mimics the feeling of a warm hug from a loved one. It’s the kind of embrace that speaks of care, warmth and unconditional love – like being wrapped in a blanket on your grandmother’s couch with a fresh cookie in hand.

Beyond its comforting embrace, Piedough enhances everyday experiences from banishing pain to engaging the munchies. It uplifts the mood and turns even the simplest meal into a feast, where everything tastes better when you’re stoned and happy. This hash doesn’t just elevate your state, it enhances your engagement with the world around you – making every bite and every moment a little sweeter.


This article was originally published in the May 2024 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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