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Pure Cannabis Oil

from Proof Wellness

The team at Proof crafts three different versions of their whole plant oils.

When it comes to wellness-focused concentrates, there is no topping the great whole plant extract – also known as FECO (full extract Cannabis oil), RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) or as the team at Proof Wellness calls it, Pure Cannabis Oil. This unique type of extract is focused on one thing: creating the most healthful and potent Cannabis medicine possible.

Whole-plant extracts are derived from the entire Cannabis plant, as opposed to other concentrates, which are crafted from only the plant’s buds.  

At this point, the adult-use market in California is prioritizing recreationally oriented products, and almost completely overlooks medicinally focused offerings such as this Pure Cannabis Oil. Legalization has brought on a new wave of marketing-heavy brands, whose aim is to sell as much product to as many people as possible, and to do so at the highest price point.

At the other end of the spectrum are companies like Proof Wellness, a husband and wife-owned wellness brand operating out of Santa Rosa, whose roots run deep into California’s medical Cannabis era. “This isn’t a recreational product,” Owner and Founder Julie Mercer-Ingram explains. “It’s something we continue to make almost exclusively for patients.”

Whole plant Cannabis medicine is extremely potent, and is generally used to help battle serious ailments such as cancer, but can also be used as preventative medicine.

The team at Proof crafts three different versions of their whole plant oils – a sativa dominant, an indica dominant, and a high CBD. All three varieties come in a plastic syringe for accurate dosage – a look that’s not glitz and glam, and speaks to the true medicinal value of the oil inside.

Since this type of oil is highly effective, I took the recommended .1ml dose and tried the sativa version first.  

Right out the gate, I was impressed with how the bright, zesty terpenes typically found in sativa strains were represented in the flavor of the oil. This is rare in whole-plant extracts, with most presenting with an intensely herbal, nearly fusel profile – rather than the pleasantly on-brand sativa haze and pine expression found here.

The color of the oil was a dark amber and the consistency viscous but not stagnant, easy to work with and either consume on its own, blend into a smoothie, or mix into a morning coffee or tea.

Within a short while, the potent effects of the oil were felt, providing confirmation that this special product was working its magic. 

The following day I sampled the indica variety, and was met with an oil closer to what I typically associate with whole plant extract – relatively stable, near pitch black in hue, and tasting of eucalyptus, menthol and spicy herbs. And after 20 or 30 minutes, a heavy-handed and sedative high settled in.  

If you’re looking for high-grade, wellness-oriented products, crafted by caring individuals who are here for more than just a buck, Proof Wellness should be at the top of your list on your next dispensary visit.

This article was originally published in the January 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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