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Purple Lambo Live Hash

from Honeybutter Rosin Co.

Boasting a complex bouquet that displays notes of lavender, freshly-cut papaya, grape musk, rosewater and yuzu.

If you’re sick and tired of the current trends in flavor profiles, this Purple Lambo Live Hash – crafted by Honeybutter Rosin Co. and made from material grown by Mendocino County’s Camp Phiya – will surely scratch your itch for something different.

Purple Lambo is a rarely seen cultivar from Exotic Genetix featuring parentage of their in-house bred Triple OG and the legendary Purple Urkel. This 73-159u live hash was extracted from Camp Phiya’s greenhouse and living soil grown flowers by the seasoned professionals at Honeybutter

The terps on the Purple Lambo are both loud and incredibly nuanced, boasting a complex bouquet that displays notes of lavender, freshly-cut papaya, grape musk, rosewater and yuzu – a lot going on with multiple layers of aromatics to let your nose enjoy.

After allowing the hash to grease, it’s plenty pliable and can be manipulated into an appropriate-sized dab with relative ease. Alternatively, you could dump out a small amount of hash in its fresh-out-of-the-fridge beach sand consistency onto parchment paper, and then press it out into a dabbable sheet with your fingers – but this particular hash has a high enough terpene content to grease up into a beautiful and sticky, ready-to-dab puck.

An extra-low-temp dab reveals a beautiful orchestra of flavors. It surprisingly leads with a classic, fuel-and-funk driven OG profile (which is really fun and unexpected since the OG is nowhere to be found on the nose) and then quickly develops into a hashy, grape hookah meets fresh-cut flowers dipped in gasoline type of flavor. Exquisite!

This hash is mastery on display and lives up to its Purple Lambo moniker. From the breeding to the selection, cultivation, harvesting and hashing, it was clearly done with the utmost care and intent to bring forth a beautiful, head-stash-worthy resin that you bust out when you want the proverbial “good stuff” – or you’re looking to impress company.  

This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of California Leaf.

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