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SFV OG Badder

from Origyn Extracts

"Smooth sailing, worries become a thing of the past because you’re distracted by sounds, colors and smells."

After their recent launch, Seed Dispensary and Core Culture Museum now offers an array of flowers, concentrates and pre-rolls. As a concentrate enthusiast, I normally opt for some extracts and dropped in to say “high” while in Boston.  

I purchased an SFV OG badder outsourced and processed by Origyn Extracts. San Fernando Valley OG Kush will always stand out to me when it’s featured on a menu. Having not experienced the enjoyment of this strain in quite some time, I wanted to indulge myself in its deep, heavy indica effects and rich terpene profile. 

The packaging that came with this extract was standard, but neat and durable. If you happened to drop this box, it wouldn’t get damaged easily or even wet – and no child could easily get into it. Origyn Extracts brands a discrete and subtle, green letter “O” on their white-on-white glass jars that is fixed inside this small, square cardboard box.  

Origyn’s SFV OG badder was a little bit darker in color – golden orange with a wet appearance. This consistency will definitely make one salivate. Upon smelling, I was disappointed because it was lacking terps and was hard to detect any type of OG Kush aroma, such as skunky-earth, pine or lime. You really have to dig and waft the jar towards your nose. As the jar comes to room temp, it brings out the scent and you can distinguish undertones of a musky dankness and slight sweetness. 

SFV OG is one of those strains that is supposed to be stinky, funky gas. If it doesn’t bang terps when you open the jar, it isn’t a good first sign – especially at the price point of $85 per gram after tax. You can get a gram of live rosin for that with tax at most dispensaries. 

This SFV OG badder’s flavor was a little bit more pronounced than its scent, but still fell flat, not reaching the true pungentness this strain can hold. Upon exhaling this concentrate, you definitely receive pleasant indica effects, making up for the lack of scent and flavor. Smooth sailing, worries become a thing of the past because you’re distracted by sounds, colors and smells. At the end of the day, this was an enjoyable concentrate –  but not the experience I’ve come to know and love from a classic like SFV OG. 

Available at: Seed Dispensary and Core Culture Museum

401A Centre St, Boston, MA 02130

Phone & Web: (617) 553-5922 | seedyourhead.com | @seedyourhead

corecannabis.org | @corecannabismuseum

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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