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Sherbanger #22

from Brave Hearts Private Reserve

I immediately get why this profile is described as blueberry-gas, but that description is just scratching the surface.

Brave is renowned as a producer of quality flower here in Oregon. I still recall a jar of Starkiller that was above and beyond nearly anything on the shelves when Oregon went through its overlapping med-to-rec transition. Now, nearly 10 years later, the landscape of legal Cannabis has changed dramatically and the tiny crew at Brave Hearts is still putting the same love and attention into their flower – and of course, that incredible eye for detail into their hash.

Brave himself is always on the hunt for which plants will take up the limited space in his garden and these decisions are not taken lightly. “Sherbanger #22 has a loud and exaggerated Sunset Sherbert profile with added fruity terps,” he says about selecting this month’s feature to grow in his garden. “Her high is very potent, uplifting and euphoric – which makes it a good fit for us.”

At room temp, the hash in the jar shines like the case in “Pulp Fiction” – catching and casting the light highlighted by a nearly translucent ring of slick rosin. I immediately get why this profile is often described as blueberry-gas, but that description is just scratching the surface. A quick sniff of the jar reveals a mix of half-artificial blueberry and half-racing fuel. Digging into the gram reveals more nose-tickling candy fumes, sour watermelon bubble gum, curing cedar and dank musk.

My first low-temperature dab delivers heavily on the fruity end of the spectrum – exhaling silver vapor rich with the scent of orchard fruits and bowls of just-harvested berries. At a slightly higher temperature, I get more of the forest. Expensive cured woods, rich soil and bubble-gum-backed tree resins. Altogether, each hit is a supreme experience that translates the love and energy that went into cultivating the flower. Like all of the Brave Hearts drops, serious connoisseurs should go out of their way to hunt this one down.


This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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