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from Burny Terps

It’s like spring has sprung directly into your dab rig.

This April, the buzz is real, and it’s not just the bees. ShishkaFlamberry is a special concoction bursting with so much sweet flavor and aroma it’s like spring has sprung directly into your dab rig. Burny Terps’ latest offering, processed by the gifted hands at Hidden Forest Farms has struck gold—or more aptly, struck honey—with this delectable 70-149u cold cure hash rosin. 

Like a hive that works in perfect harmony to create something greater than the sum of its parts,  the teamwork between these two top Maine brands is what makes this particular wash so special. 

As Hunter from Hidden Forest Farms told me, “We were really excited to work with Burny. Not only is he a great grower, but a good person and friend of ours. Any opportunity to collaborate with a homie is a win in our book and the all washes came out excellent. Credit to the growers and breeders!” 

This delicious debut floated onto the scene during last month’s Farm to Patient Experience in Maine. The flower comes courtesy of Burny Terps small batch, organic, indoor, no-till garden. The rosin is a blend of Honey Flambé from Rocky Mountain High 719 Genetics and Shiskaberry from Kraken Seeds. Burny, the owner and operator described how he arrived at this specific combo: 

“An OG homie of mine gifted me the seeds and had been raving about the shish aka kish from back in the day and how it was really the truth. It’s funny because at first, I wasn’t super impressed with how the shish was growing in comparison to some of the other strains in the room. However, by harvest day I was shocked by how unique the profile was and couldn’t stop thinking about her. The Honey Flambé was just a stand out in the garden from the super orange type terps and the way she sits so pretty caked in trichs, straight resin rails a really beautiful plant.” 

The jar has a unique smell, reminiscent of a blue Squeeze-it drink from the 90s left out in the hot summer sun that gives way to a powerful, nose-filling scent of fresh stone fruit, and melons drizzled with citrus juice and nectar.

Upon enjoying this delicacy, you’ll notice a pleasing sweet honey inhale, before a wonderfully complex, fruit-forward exhale that tastes like blowing orange-honey flavored smoke through a melon stuffed with blueberries and fresh-cut bananas. This one leaves a mouth coating of lip-smacking berry flavor that lingers on the back of your tongue just as the immediate euphoric head rush starts to kick in. 

ShiskaFlamberry is a great daytime mix that will leave you abuzz with energy, creativity, and focus. I found this rosin to be particularly helpful for dealing with ADHD symptoms and provided mood boosting productivity. Dabbing this will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated feeling like you just spent a perfect sunny day in the garden. 

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