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New York

Sour Diesel BX4

from Aloha Apothecary and Mission Hill Melts

The first wash, 90u cold cure rosin is like a supercharged engine for hash heads.

Imagine the thrill of a high-octane race car, its engine roaring furiously as it banks around sharp corners with laser-like precision. The most recent run of “Sour Diesel Bx4” hash rosin from Aloha Apothecary offers a similar exhilaration for high-grade Cannabis connoisseurs. 

The first wash, 90u cold cure rosin processed by Mission Hill Melts, is like a supercharged engine for hash heads, delivering an uplifting, euphoric experience as potent and memorable as a race car’s unstoppable surge.

Nick Freddo, head grower and owner at Aloha Apothecary, describes Karma Genetics’ Sour Diesel Bx4 as a journey back in time, focusing on a strain that once ruled the streets of New York. “It’s the closest we’ve come to recreating the classic Sour Diesel I was getting from the Bronx between 2009 and 2015. It’s got booming sour and gas notes, and is super potent with a mind-melting high.”

Getting this flower across the finish line is no easy feat. The strain demands constant vigilance, offering no room for error. Aloha’s attention to detail and finely tuned growing process results in a product that goes beyond being a standout concentrate but is also an expertly crafted celebration of one of the all-time great strains. 

The moment you open a jar, it is like igniting a muscle car engine – loud with unmistakable notes of diesel and gasoline that translate beautifully onto the palate upon consumption. The effects are immediate and profound, launching you into a jubilant state as with the power of a 750-horsepower engine burning rubber down a straightaway. This hash doesn’t just capture the essence of Sour Diesel; it amplifies it. Enjoying this strain promises nostalgic flavor and potent effects while delivering a turbocharged cerebral high that boosts your creativity and mood before settling into a chill but not heavy mental cruising speed. 

Buckle up and prepare for a wild ride. This hash has officially entered the race for the best Sour Diesel rosin of the year, and Aloha Apothecary has their sights squarely set on the checkered flag.

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This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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