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Sour Rainbow Sugar

from Babylon

A flavorful punch wrapped in a pillow of comfort.

Between the March blizzards, rising gas prices and pandemic fatigue, it’s pretty obvious that life has become a bit harder lately. Thankfully, such storms tend to be followed by a rainbow – and Babylon’s Sour Rainbow sugar just might be the one that breaks through the clouds. 

Upon opening the container, we were met by a glistening gram of sugar the color of freshly crushed tangerines. The concentrate was soft and pliable with a pleasing aroma that left a sweet scent on our fingers. With little effort, the sugar easily separated for the perfect dab. As we heated our Nectar Collector, the product released a crisp barrage of sweet-scented citrus vapor that brought a hearty smile to our faces. The intake pull gave off a clean sour taste that became more refined upon the exhale. We were left with an enjoyable flavor of grapefruit supported by complementary floral and fruity undertones working to balance it all out.

The effects worked their magic slowly, beginning with a relaxing head high that moved its way through our entire bodies within about fifteen minutes after the first pull. The effects lasted for over an hour and had us floating lazily down a river of relaxation in introspective contemplation. While the mind wandered, our bodies relaxed into a quiet numbness that allowed any aches or pains we’d been feeling to dissipate. As we sunk into our high, the outside world faded away and we felt sublimely content.

Bottom line, this indica dominant hybrid packs a flavorful punch wrapped in a pillow of comfort – hitting you hard, but leaving you feeling like you have just been wrapped up in your favorite blanket.

This article was originally published in the April 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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