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Sour Strawberry Live Rosin Cartridge

from Jetty Solventless

An outrageously clean oil with a distinct flavor profile and a full body.

All vapes are not created equal … and finding one you vibe with requires waltzing through a trial and error period filled with both decent highs and puffs you wish you could take back. Thankfully, Cannabis products in 2022 are better than they have ever been and Jetty’s new line of solventless vapes is a prime example of the viscous gold that awaits on dispensary shelves throughout California.

I recently got my hands on their Sour Strawberry live rosin vape cartridge and genuinely wasn’t sure what to expect. Vapes – even the legal ones – don’t have the best reputation for producing clean, enduring highs that lift your body to an auric radiance the way flower can. But I’m happy to report that as someone who’s been puffing and eating Cannabis products daily for the past 15 years and deeply values the power of terpenes, I was pleasantly surprised for several reasons. Between the packaging and the vape’s wooden tip, the product’s aesthetic looks like it could fit in a vintage surf shop … perhaps right next to the rounds of Sex Wax and zinc sunscreen sold at the register. 

While flower will always be my number one, solventless extracts are a close second because they preserve the essence of the plant. Terpenes, major and minor cannabinoids, and flavonoids are all retained – making the concentrated product an aromatic experience on par with fine wine. The flavor profiles are accentuated and roll over your palate in a way that triggers both taste and smell. Jetty’s Sour Strawberry live rosin tasted fully like juicy berries, with hints of red fruit and a light flavor of gassy Cannabis flower on the exhale. 

The thick golden oil was produced by an extraction method that only uses ice, water, heat and pressure. The result is an outrageously clean oil with a distinct flavor profile and a full-body, energized high that launched me off the couch and outside. I ended up walking to the beach and watching the waves crash on the shore for 45 minutes, where Sour Strawberry heightened my senses to the point that I couldn’t take staring at the ocean’s majesty anymore – I had to merge with it. I ripped off my shoes with reckless abandon, left them on the shore and went knee-deep into the water. In the middle of winter. Right after recovering from the plague. 

The waves soaked my shorts and long-sleeved, oversized Beatles shirt. I didn’t have any extra clothes with me and was about two miles away from home, but I didn’t care. Feeling the mushy, living sand beneath my feet and the soft tide pulling and releasing water made me feel alive in a way I hadn’t in months. Sour Strawberry catalyzed me into a deep moment with the elements that reminded me of how profoundly small my stresses and I are. Talk about a welcome perspective shift.

Jetty’s line of solventless live rosin cartridges are ideal for anyone who wishes to inconspicuously consume quality Cannabis extracts. If you’re someone who enjoys high vibe puffs while on the go, Sour Strawberry likely won’t disappoint. Who knows? Maybe it’ll help usher in a mindset shift for you, too.

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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