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Strawberry Cookies Live Resin Badder

from Beezle Extracts

The badder has a creamy berry flavor underscored by musky earthy notes.

Beezle Extracts has produced an absolutely luscious live resin badder from the exceptionally flavorful Strawberry Cookies by Evermore, where their team was able to capture the delectable beauty of the cultivar that Maryland knows and loves. Noted for a quintessentially strawberry aroma with a sweet musky flavor profile, the Strawberry Cookies has earned a distinct and iconic place in the flavor lexicon of the industry.

Beezle Extract’s live resin badder iteration lives up to the legacy of the genetic and the prowess of the Evermore cultivation team. Boasting a flavorful 8.97% total terp profile and a creamy golden texture, this is a dab worth sampling. Not only does it capture the musky strawberry aroma, but it is a terpinolene lover’s best friend. Terpinolene-dominant profiles offer some of the most creative headspaces within the Cannabis spectrum and Beezle’s Strawberry Cookies has 3.86% overshadowing healthy doses of myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene and pinene. 

Together these terpenes formed a sublimely euphoric and mentally stimulating high. All of the key hallmarks of a light stoney sensation were present but never overpowering, and each dab yielded relief and positive energy – sustaining my work session and reading for the day. Finding my focus and flow state was a wonderful reminder of why terpinolene-dominant profiles are my absolute favorite. 

With a flavor profile so distinct and delicious, I dabbed this badder and rolled it with flower so I could sample it in a variety of mediums. The badder has a creamy berry flavor underscored by musky earthy notes – accentuating any flower variety you could think to pair it with. There’s no doubt that Strawberry Cookies has an iconic flavor and aroma, and Beezle Extracts created a live resin badder rendition that holds true to its terpinolene-dominant place in history.

beezlebrands.com | evermorecompany.com 

@beezlebrands_md | @evermorebrands

This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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