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SunMed Golden Pineapple Live Resin Batter

from SunMed Labs

The Golden Pineapple boasts a terpene content over 20% with a healthy representation of over 12 individual terps.

SunMed Labs has captured one of the more exquisite terpene profiles on the Maryland market from the illustrious Golden Pineapple genetic. Their Golden Pineapple Live Resin Batter is truly one of the highest quality dabs I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Concentrates have a tendency to fall into the average category, with little concern towards robust flavors given that the market tends to favor mega-high THC numbers over terpene-rich products. SunMed, however, has focused on capturing and preserving, not only one of the terpiest profiles around – but one of the most unique I’ve ever encountered.

The appearance of the dab is, quite frankly, perfect. The luscious creamy texture and impeccable golden-yellow coloration are superb, while the aroma is both sublime and captivating. Truly layered, the Golden Pineapple boasts a terpene content over 20% – with a healthy representation of over 12 individual terps. I cannot stress to you how rare it is to find such diversity preserved and captured so well, let alone dominant in one of the most desired terpenes in Maryland.

For many patients, terpinolene-dominant cultivars offer some of the most creative, energizing and flavorful bouquets around, but are often hard to find. The Golden Pineapple has a liberal 7.23% terpinolene count, followed up by possibly one of the most unique terpene profiles in the country. The amalgamation of myrcene, ocimene, limonene, pinene, two types of terpinene, carene and camphene, all form an absolute rarity that hitherto has not been seen or experienced. Thankfully, SunMed Labs found it and turned it into something for all of us to enjoy.

And what enjoyment it is to partake in the consumption of this piquant concentrate. Heavy notes of pineapple, kiwi and coconut are at the top of the nose, with light wafts of lemongrass, pine and cherry blossom. The epicurean delight that stems from peeling back the layers of aroma is unprecedented, only to be surpassed by the actual dab itself. Imagine tropical fruits and hardwood forests fused together to produce an aromatic cloud of euphoric, creative headspaces that stimulate the cerebral qualities of the mind, and you will have a solid understanding of the Golden Pineapple experience. Truly a rare and delicious find, I cannot recommend SunMed Lab’s Golden Pineapple enough. Seek it out and enjoy.

sunmedgrowers.com | @sunmed.labs

This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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