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Thai-Ger King Live Resin Cake Badder

from Evermore

This heady concentrate is a cross between Evermore strains Golden Tiger and Airborne Skunk.

With yet another shining example of illustrious extracts, Evermore’s Thai-Ger King live resin cake badder features some rather worldly Cannabis breeding coming together into a special cultivar that produces an even more special resin. But what makes me describe this genetic as worldly? For that we need to explore the Thai-Ger King heritage as it incorporates some of the most iconic, rare and sought-after lines ever found on Planet Earth.

Evermore has been concerned with quality since their inception and as such, sourced a variety of niche strains to work off of as foundational genetics for their breeding projects. Their Thai-Ger King project is a cross between Golden Tiger and Airborne Skunk which, you may or may not know, are two cultivars that incorporate some of the most impressive landrace genetics on the planet. Thai, Malawi and original Skunk genetics went into this cultivar’s grandparents and the meticulous team at Evermore guided its gentle, progressive cultivation and extraction into the silky and golden live resin product it is today. 

Super heavy on the myrcene at 4.83%, this dab hit me behind the eyes in the most heavy-lidded of fashions, slumping me gently into a luxurious high that only the best profiles can bring. The myrcene is followed up by generous dollops of limonene, ocimene, caryophyllene and linalool – keeping my mind calm, clear and present as my body relaxed into a gelatinous texture. I am particularly fond of heavy body highs that maintain the presence of mind necessary to go about a “working day.”

These types of heavy highs are ideal for those of us who have to deal with pain on a daily basis. The overall profile supports a functional experience for the chronically ill, but additionally offers a depth of flavor and aroma that make this a connoisseur’s medicine. The Thai-Ger King smells like exotic candied jelly and creamy banana pudding, with a definite vein of bubblegum and honey permeating throughout. The smell is so creamy you can almost feel it on your tongue, as each dab coats the sinus cavities and lingers for a prolonged experience indicative of the highest quality concentrate. 

Not to be confused with the docuseries popularized during the pandemic, Thai-Ger King live resin cake badder is truly a 2022 trend – and a dab you won’t want to sleep on. The team at Evermore Cannabis Company has again wowed us with their thoughtful expression of the plant and their nuanced, high-quality profiles that tickle the senses in the most delightful of ways.

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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