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The J & S Donut Co. Box Set

from J & S Donut Co.

With only 500 of these boxes in Oregon – the race is on to see who will claim one of these before they're gone forever.

Five of the most dynamic voices in Oregon Cannabis gathered together for the first time in one limited-edition box set. The J & S Donut Co. proudly presents smokers with a collection where each star has created the perfect pairing of their flower and rosin. Think of it like a supergroup – but each one has a whole track instead of just a solo in the song. 

Packed in a simple black box, the gold foil label on the front and the handwritten number on the back create an impressive effect before you pop the lid and reveal five golden tubes with sparkly tags. What is it about hand-numbering something that gives it that gotta-have-it feeling? Whether it’s a ring of power, a pair of shoes or a box of hash holes, it makes it so much sweeter when you know you’re one of the chosen – and with only 500 of these boxes in the state of Oregon – the race is on to see who will claim one of these before they’re gone forever. 

Each of these Donuts, or Hash Holes if you prefer, was hand-rolled by Sebastian from B.A. Botanicals (the S in J&S). They feature a glass tip, Elements papers and are one-gram rolls with a 70/30 split between flower and rosin. Fresh off of their win for Best Infused Pre-roll at the Oregon Growers Cup, Sebastian and Jake (owner of The Potland dispensary and the other half of J&S) were inspired by the rapid rise of rosin-filled joints and the lack of their presence on the Oregon retail market.

The B.A. Botanicals Donut in the set is the same mixture of Z flower and Gelato 41 rosin that kicked off this whole project and secured the win that inspired them to create this group collaboration. Wildly different, the various flavors have impressive dry pulls and the consistency of the burn is beautiful. None of the five had any issues … and that rosin circle was right in the middle every time. What’s cool about their size is they are perfect for one or two people, instead of the usual session cannon. You almost don’t want to share when you light up one of these Mini Donut Holes (trademark Mattjackson).

The J & S Donut Co. Box Set includes

This article was originally published in the March 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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