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Trop Fire Breath Live Hash Rosin

from Squishy Scientific

The Squishy Scientific team stays at the forefront of all things hash tech, evidenced by their Trop Fire Breath.

The best hash, in my humble experience, is produced by dedicated herb nerds. Like any master of the guitar or any other instrument, countless hours were spent in pursuit of perfection. With a background in food and cultivation, plus an unending curiosity about Cannabis resin, the well-practiced specialists at Squishy Scientific have all of the precedents to produce top-tier products. This rosin is proof that when a crew is dedicated to their craft and quality is the top concern at every step along the way, it both shows and glows in the final product.

First, let’s give credit to the farmers. Stardust Cult (aka Stardust Cultivation) is in its own lane, hunting genetics that build on trends but stand out enough to be unique. This Trop Fire Breath is an ideal example – with a bright citrus bouquet that leads with the popular Tropicana Cookies profile but surprises with an exaggerated OG and sharp sour note, all finished with the mellow vanilla scent I associate with Kush Breath strains. By cultivating in no-till indoor beds, they’ve given their garden the complexity of soil-grown flower with the climate control of an indoor facility. 

The Squishy Scientific team stays at the forefront of all things hash tech. Find their ResinRolls at dispensaries around Oregon, and enjoy a pressed dry-sift tube that lights and smokes like a joint. Their hash coins and temple balls combine old-world techniques with modern extraction to produce pressed-hash products rarely seen outside of the homie hookup. With so many avenues for quality resin, they have options on which method is the best fit for the flower.

In the case of this freshly-frozen Trop Fire Breath from Stardust Cult, rosin was the best way to showcase the work. The resulting pale yellow extract looks greasy and slick directly from the freezer. After a few minutes, the jar is fuming with garden-fresh aromas. A low-temp dab vaporizes quickly and delivers a mood-elevating effect that seems to stack after each hit. 

Without a doubt and with every dab, I’ll be admiring the tireless work of these two teams long past my last exhalation of the Trop Fire Breath … only partly due to the lingering scent of sophisticated citrus in the air.

squishyScientific.com | @squishyscientific | @stardustcultivation

This article was originally published in the March 2024 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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