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Uptown Haze Live Resin

from Sterling Gold

"I honestly can't recall the last time a Cannabis variety made me feel so productive."

Those familiar with Sterling Gold know that they exclusively source their flower from Liontree Farms. Liontree, growing on a beautiful south-facing terrace in Southern Oregon, is synonymous with interesting genetics and excellent cultivation practices. This partnership puts Sterling Gold in the enviable position to select and extract some of the most coveted sungrown flowers in Oregon.

This Uptown Haze is an excellent example. If you grew up on the East Coast and had an eye out for good flower, there was a good chance you went out of your way to get your hands on “The Piff” or “NYC Haze.” That citrus-sharp profile with incense strong notes of fruit and spice has nearly disappeared from the modern market. But one whiff of this Uptown Haze has me transported back to NYC, tearing into a $30 gram of delivery weed with a vague name, but a powerful scent.

The extract in front of me is a cleaner and more pure expression than the bike-delivered gram of the past. Big bright citrus flavors are layered atop ripe peaches and dried apricots, complete with a finish of leather and shoe polish.  A texture similar to crystalizing honey, a dab tool with a spoon on the end is ideal to get a proper scoop and not lose any precious sauce. The dab melts cleanly against the quartz, leaving me with a hit that tastes like a walk through a ripe Cannabis garden. Fruity and herbaceous, the exhale has more character than many extracts still in the jar.

The effect of this live resin is very much get-up-and-go. I honestly can’t recall the last time a Cannabis variety made me feel so productive. Typically after a few dabs, I’m ready to sink into the couch and endlessly scroll through movie options, but not today. The Uptown Haze has me marching around the house looking for projects to tackle. None of the jitters or elevated heart rate you would expect from a sativa or a relatively strong cup of coffee – just focus and action.

Initially, I was attracted to this concentrate for the hit of nostalgia and hard-to-find terpene profile, but after spending a few days with it, the effect has grown to impress me. The package altogether is a unique offering. For flavor chasers, productivity nuts, and folks looking to revisit their “Piff” days, this Uptown Haze is something you certainly won’t want to miss. 

This article was originally published in the November 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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