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Wedding Cake Hash Rosin

from B.A. Botanicals

High terpene levels instantaneously water the eyes before inducing a minimum 10-second staring spell.

Living soil organic, greenhouse-grown, using only top dressing and teas – it’s the most native and sustainable method of growing, resulting from closed-door, inefficient indoor techniques of yesteryear. Returning to these roots we find B.A. Botanicals, a medical grower who has transcended into the recreational market with their Clean Green Certified approach to Cannabis.

Wedding Cake is an indica dominant hybrid also known as Triangle Mintz #23 or Pink Cookies. But regardless of what you call it, according to Seed Junky Genetics’ J Beezy, the cultivar is a cross of his Animal Mints and CSI Humboldt’s Triangle Kush. It was ultimately renamed by LA cultivator Jungle Boys and has resulted in a dizzying array of cake crosses nationwide – becoming a modern-day classic that many reach for instinctively. 

The Wedding Cake hash rosin from B.A. Botanicals is a shining example of the original strain.  Upon first heat and exhalation, we found it earth-forward with a lemon cake undertone reminiscent of OG Kush from the good old days. Slight notes of vanilla can be found throughout, as well as an indistinguishable fruit. Cherry? Maybe more lemon? Let your palate decide…

Effects present themselves immediately, almost surprisingly so, and the high terpene levels instantaneously water the eyes before inducing a minimum 10-second staring spell. Absorbing the environment around me, I slowly became heavier in the chair while a floating sensation under the arms and legs paired perfectly with my blanket and warm fire. 

Those looking for some relief from insomnia and anxiety – alongside the comfort of knowing the Cannabis you’re consuming has been cultivated with the highest intentions and most sustainable methodologies – should check out the Wedding Cake hash rosin from B.A. Botanicals. As they say, “We grow the way the earth intends.”

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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