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Wedding Pie Loud Resin

from Refine

We actually lost track of time due to our completely relaxed mind and body.

After chewing on the overdone steak of a long work week, we all deserve a little dessert to make it worthwhile. Refine Alaska’s Loud Resin Wedding Pie is the perfect treat to enjoy when you just want to unwind – and it’s not only OK, but highly recommended that you go back for seconds.

This excellent offering from Refine is part of their award-winning Blue line of hash oils. The product also carries the brand’s ‘Loud’ designation – reserved for premium products, so you can be sure you are getting their very best when you pop their signature blue lid.

Opening the small jar revealed a bright golden resin that was clear and consistent throughout. The concentrate was soft and tantalizingly gooey. The aroma carried a tangy scent that tickled our noses with anticipation.

We spooned out the perfect dab, loaded the rig and began our journey. The flavors of the concentrate opened up nicely on the first intake. We found the taste to be very enjoyable, with hints of pepper and spice mixed with wholesome earthy undertones that formed the foundation of the flavor. The exhale turned up the dial to 10 on the taste-o’-meter and had us cutting in line for our turn at the next draw.

This 70.6% THC, 6.74% terps, indica-leaning hybrid hit us almost immediately. The sensation of having just finished a full body massage (without the pain or discomfort of having someone grind on your muscles for half an hour) washed over us like a gift. As we sank a little deeper into the couch, our mind began to settle in right behind it. A rush of euphoria hit us soon after, leaving us blissed out about just being able to let everything go and focus on a genuine feeling of happiness.

The high lasted well into the evening and we actually lost track of time due to our completely relaxed mind and body. This is a powerful antidote to the stresses that get thrown at us on a daily basis and a great way to unwind the ropes that bind us.

Go grab yourself a slice (or two) of Wedding Pie today – trust us, you’ve earned it.

This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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