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1000mg THC Mega Drops

from Magic Number

"This tiny powerhouse is incredibly discreet for how many cannabinoids it carries."

If you’re looking for the fastest way to get as high as humanly possible, look no further than Magic Number’s 1000mg THC tincture. I was fortunate enough to experience their tiny tincture’s powerful effects, and they aren’t for the lighthearted or for those questioning their tolerance. If you were to judge this book by its cover you wouldn’t think 1000mg of THC could fit inside such a small bottle, and you would be in for a rude awakening … or should I say, slumber? To put it bluntly, this tincture smacks.

This tiny powerhouse is incredibly discreet for how many cannabinoids it carries, and it fits perfectly into a back pocket or pocketbook without taking up too much space – leaving more room for the other Cannabis goodies in your life! The passion fruit flavor complements the live resin taste to create a perfectly nuanced balance of tropical herbs and fruit, so dangerously tasty that you really have to think about how much THC you’re consuming in each sip. Knowing this, I decided to down half the bottle, about 500mg, to truly experience its potency without completely blasting myself into outer space. That was the intended goal, anyway.

As per usual, I overestimated myself and, more importantly, my tolerance. This isn’t a product meant for the casual consumer or for anyone that wants to execute a number of activities immediately following their high. Knowing that even with my above-average tolerance I would be feeling the heavy effects, I drank half the bottle right after dinner – giving myself some time to feel the effects without dedicating an entire day towards the high. 

Within a couple hours I could feel the THC weighing down through the backs of my eyelids. After battling my body to peel itself off the couch, I finally succumbed to my slumberous feat and wrapped myself in the comfort of my bedding. What happened next will surprise you, mainly because it’s still unknown: I didn’t wake up until noon the next day! I know this is labeled as a sativa product, but it’s so incredibly potent that after a certain milligram, it will keep you down with no extra effort involved. Feeling more rested than I can remember and following an absurd amount of caffeine, I finally took back control of my day without feeling too groggy or foggy afterward.

This Magic Number tincture really proved to me that there are still products on the market that will shock even the heartiest stoners, paving the way for the other heavyweights that need a recreational smack to the face every now and then. It’s so tasty that it’s realistically hard to keep the little glass bottle away, but make sure you calculate your milligrams accordingly or else you may actually hibernate until summer. Stoners be warned: This product is for high tolerances!

Web: drinkmagicnumber.com | @drinkmagicnumber

This article was originally published in the April 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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