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10:10 Heavenly Konfections Chews

from Kreative Konfections

Each flavor is infused with great strains from growers all over the state.

With each passing year, one thing becomes clear: We are nowhere as agile as we used to be. February’s ice storms that turned much of Anchorage into an oversized ice rink made that abundantly clear. So, as we sought reprieve from one of our nastier wipeouts, we found ourselves raiding our local dispensary for anything with CBD. Happily, we stumbled upon Kreative Konfections’ 10:10 THC:CBD Chews in 100mg packs.

Situated somewhere between hard candy and taffy, the unique texture of the chews is part of their irresistibility. Unlike Kreative Konfections’ hard candies, the chews come individually packaged – making them great for discreet, on-the-go consumption. Although there aren’t as many flavor options as their hard candy cousins, the chews still offer a great selection, including the difficult-to-find and tropical-inspired Tiger’s Blood. Fruit lovers will dig the juicy flavor of peach, while citrus worshippers will be delighted with the punchy taste of lemon-lime. Those consumers looking for a touch of nostalgia should give the butterscotch rendition a try.

Each flavor is infused with great strains from growers all over the state – a fact that is prominently displayed on the back of each package with both the strains and cultivators. And while we didn’t experience much variability in terms of the highs that accompanied the different flavors, there’s comfort in knowing what you’re putting into your body.

The high starts with the distinctive body relaxation we’ve come to expect from a 10:10 dose of THC:CBD. Before long, the high transitions into a somewhat debilitating and spacey cerebral experience where you may find yourself feeling creative, but without the mental capacity to take advantage of it. We found ourselves going full Disney and loudly narrating our own movements in song more than once. On the plus side, making a sandwich is way more fun when you sing about it.

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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