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Blackberry Nano Cannabinoid Gummies

from Crown B Alchemy

These gems hit as quickly as a bong rip.

Halfway through the Ponytail Falls hike and I’m stuck, transfixed by a colorful bit of moss. Surely, the folks shifting around me would be equally interested if they had munched one of these gummies at the trailhead as I had. Instead, they push past to reach the eponymous falls of this less-than-one-mile hike. I’ll get there, eventually … and celebrate with the other gummy under the spray of the falls. 

These gems hit as quickly as a bong rip. The mood shift becomes evident, resulting in carefree ease, as if time has suddenly expanded to accommodate every moment. Maybe that means zooming in and staring into the mini worlds at each switchback or taking a macro view – imagining melting snow forming rivers that rush over the mountain and rain into the river below. It’s safe to say, I’m feeling these gummies.

But let’s discuss cannabinoids, which, along with terpenes and flavorants, are responsible for the glorious effects of Cannabis I speak of. Crown B’s nano-tech process encapsulates these compounds in lipids, facilitating their delivery to the brain swiftly and effectively. If you’re explaining to the dude on the other end of the couch, try this: Crown B Alchemy uses a high-tech approach to ensure its products are as efficient and effective as possible.

Innovations aside, the top-tier ingredients are what I’ll mention when recommending these to a friend. Owner Bryan is particularly excited about the new offerings and his focus on quality makes these stand out in a crowded market. “Our effects speak for themselves,” he tells me, “alongside the real fruit puree, organic cane sugar, organic blue agave nectar and strain-specific live resin. We think we have a winner on our hands.”

I’d have to agree. While I toss back my last gummy and capture another dozen pics of the cascading water, I lose all sense of urgency and decide to spend a little longer at the falls before turning around. Gesturing with my empty pack, I wave my group wrapping up their selfie sesh to go ahead without me and call out, “Carry on … I’ll get there eventually.”

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This article was originally published in the May 2024 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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