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Buzz Bites

from Buzz Bites

“I found myself pleasantly spaced out, ready for a low-stress activity.”

Ten years ago, the edible market was all over the place. Half the selection was simply popular candy melted down and dosed with Cannabis oil. The other half was split between professional-looking treats and random offerings in a generic Mylar. Things got weird – I recall walking into a dispensary and seeing medicated beef jerky on the shelf. Thankfully, in the last decade, we’ve figured out what works. The crew here has put serious thought into every aspect. From inventive recipes by their talented chef to detailed packaging with hidden details, Buzz Bites are crafted in-house specifically for a polished experience.

Opening the resealable package reveals the thoughtfulness behind every detail and 10 bouncy little translucent cubes in trendy flavors like Peach/Mango and Strawberry/Watermelon. Each pack contains ten 10mg gummies, allowing for precise dosing and a customized experience. No need to cut or tear off your desired dose. “We wanted to give our consumers the option to microdose,” says creative director Alex Barajas. “The name Buzz Bites captures it perfectly — you can take a few at a time to keep your buzz going throughout the day.”

With offerings that include sativa, indica, and one-to-one ratios of THC to CBD, each gummy is enriched with botanically derived terpenes tailored to the experience described on the package. Green Apple, with 100mg each of THC and CBD, encourages a soothing mood. Chomping into Blue Raspberry, with a sweet and sour dusting, hits the nostalgia center of my brain without tasting cloying or artificial.  After sampling half the pack, I found myself pleasantly spaced out, ready for a low-stress activity like daydreaming or stargazing.

Following their successful launch, the Buzz Bites team is back in the lab, concocting their next big hit. While the new flavors are a secret, for now, we can expect more thoughtfully crafted edibles to hit the shelves soon. In the meantime, I’ll be taste-testing my way through the current offerings, zoning out with a relaxed smile. Knowing that it’s only a matter of time before Netflix asks, “Are you still watching?” — and yes, for the record, I am.


This article was originally published in the June 2024 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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