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Caramel Apple Pie White Chocolate Bar

from Afterglow Edible Co.

Afterglow has created a delicious and unique edible that brings about a motivational and energetic high.

The seasons have gone and changed up on us and every autumn in New England we’re hit with our favorite seasonal fall flavors. I’ve bragged during my travels abroad about my mother’s apple pie and strudels. If you’re from here, you can admit you love it – and nothing compares to homemade goods this time of year. We also have our staples like pumpkin spice, pecan pie, hot chocolate, fresh apple fritters, local apple cider and caramel apples.  

Having encountered Afterglow Edibles in the past, I knew I’d be in for a nice fall treat by trying out their Caramel Apple Pie White Chocolate Bar. Caramel and apple pie is a unique flavor for a chocolate bar and Afterglow is thinking outside the box in bringing their customers this delicious and festive edible. 

Afterglow’s packaging is very durable and you can feel that they use high-grade cardboard for their boxes. Front facing on the box shows off their logo and insignia, as well as the type of chocolate bar. I like that Afterglow’s products have such a detailed ingredient list including allergy warnings and storage instructions – very professional, detailed and clear to read. 

As I slid out the box of chocolate from its container, I felt like I was opening a gift for my birthday or some great surprise. Ten square white chocolate pieces bare little chunks of caramel bits, which really excited me. They’re individually stamped with a “Contains THC.” warning label, which added a cool visual appeal. This bar is a total of 100mg and each piece of chocolate contains a 10mg dose of THC. Flipping the bar over exposes an underneath encrusted and dusted in a nice layer of cinnamon toast crunch, which adds that cinnamon-y flavor you’re looking for in a traditional apple pie. 

This is one tasty chocolate bar. I enjoyed the buttery, milky, caramel sweetness, and distinct apple pie flavor. The white chocolate really allowed the ingredients to shine through, so you could taste the layers of enjoyment that would come with eating a nice slice of apple pie. I decided to save a few pieces of the chocolate bar to add underneath some apple crisp I had at home, and this brought my taste buds’ experience to an entirely new level. 

For me the high from this particular batch of edibles was very motivational and energetic. I started my dose off with 10mg and decided to add 50mg, and by the end of my day I had all of my housework and writing done and could sit back and enjoy some dabs. I recommend the Caramel Apple Pie White Chocolate Bar to anyone who likes to eat their edibles in smaller doses throughout the day, preventing fogginess and helping to maintain alertness.

Address: Fire on Fore 367 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101
Phone & Web: (207) 805-1870 | fireonfore.com | @afterglowedibleco @fireonforestreet

This article was originally published in the November 2020 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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