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Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

from SelfBaked

With the hard work done, baking with SelfBaked is like starting a marathon in the final mile.

It’s weird that more people don’t bake their own edibles. As a massively popular product category, Cannabis consumers are seemingly enjoying more edibles than ever before. 

The result is a diverse (and delicious) packaged edibles scene that’s taken shape over the last several years. But as incredible as the offerings you can find at local dispensaries have become, there’s still nothing quite like a baked good enjoyed straight from the oven.

Sure, convenience inspires us to allow others to bake our muffins, cakes and breads – but there’s another, entirely unique factor likely preventing more Cannabis consumers from tying on an apron and making some infused sweet treats of their very own: potency. 

Beyond the labor of infusion itself, there’s the troublesome matter of being able to accurately project the strength of a given baked good. Without a clear label and testing to rely on, things can get tricky in a hurry. Thankfully, SelfBaked – based in Sonoma and Los Angeles – is here to bring the best of both worlds together with a DIY answer to skittish would-be home bakers.

First things first: The mascot of SelfBaked is a cupcake who looks like it just took a face-melter of special reserve. It’s amazing. More to the point: SelfBaked’s line consists of bake-it-yourself cookie and brownie mixes that rely on THC-infused sugar to make the magic happen. With the hard work done, baking with SelfBaked is like starting a marathon in the final mile.

Here’s all that you’ll require: eggs, butter, and an oven. 

Work the first two into your mix until you have a satisfactory batter, then simply transfer it onto a conveniently-sized SelfBaked baking tray and stick it in the oven. From there, it’s just a matter of trying not to count the seconds as the smells of your sweet treats start wafting about.

Available in multiple strengths, SelfBaked’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix can yield either 10 cookies at 8mg THC apiece, or the same quantity dosed at 100mg THC each – quite a notable difference, so be sure you choose your potency level with care!

From a flavor standpoint, it’s tough to top the warm, gooey goodness of fresh-baked cookies – plus SelfBaked further ensures you’re only tasting the good stuff, thanks to their use of THC-infused sugar.

Furthermore, stoners will appreciate the company’s aforementioned baking trays, which are both custom molded and can quickly double as a rolling tray in a pinch. Though the brand’s aluminum alloy trays aren’t a necessity, they do kick the convenience factor up another notch. As a company that’s all about making the task of baking Cannabis edibles as easy and rewarding as possible, offering users an alternative to mad spelunking journeys through their pantries in pursuit of a worthy pan is a solid call indeed.

Bonus: SelfBaked also offers Liquid Diamonds butter. This refrigerated item can be used to infuse any baking mix of your choice. For Cannabis consumers who’ve long ignored the siren call of their kitchen, the time has come to listen. Let SelfBaked help you fall in love with this timeless tradition. Your stomach will thank you later.

This article was originally published in the October 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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