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Crop Circle Mint Dark Chocolate Kief Truffle

from Crop Cirlce

Crop Circle Chocolates Kief Truffles come in Mint, Raspberry, and Orange Yuzu Zest.

I’ve heard the rumors about Crop Circle’s chocolate treats, but I wasn’t prepared for how much I would truly love their newest line of single serving 50mg kief chocolates. I had the pleasure of trying their Mint Dark Chocolate Kief Truffle – a tiny chocolate no wider than a quarter, neatly packed into its small, green and brown box – that fit inconspicuously in my coat pocket. Once safely home, I decided that a small portion of truffle wouldn’t do the trick, so I made the choice to eat (more like inhale) the whole thing in one bite … for science, of course.

Normally, edibles produce that weedy flavor no matter how many sugary bits are packed into each bite. This truffle surprised me in the best way possible, leaving me unable to source that Cannabis taste anywhere, as if the kief was paired perfectly to both complement and conceal itself within the chocolate. The only ingredients used in these itty bitty powerhouses are organic dark chocolate, coconut oil, kief and mint, so it’s impressive that so few ingredients could provide such bold flavor. Both rich and refreshing, the delectable aftertaste left my sweet tooth craving more. The use of kief marks a noticeable difference between the distillate, heavy weed taste prevalent in most edibles these days. The most important difference to me, however, was their effect compared to their chocolatey competitors.

Typically, I’m one of those people proud of their tolerance and unable to find a single recreational edible that will satisfy my mental and physical threshold. And boy was I wrong when I assumed these Crop Circle truffles wouldn’t be any different. Within about 30 minutes I could feel the effects begin to make their way behind my eyes. Steadily creeping into my body throughout the next hour, I felt myself calmer and more relaxed as time passed on. I could feel the full effects of the Misty Mountain Kush kief, sourced from Green Source Gardens, by the two-hour mark. By this point, my eyes were so heavy that I passed out on the couch with my cat nestled cozily atop my chest – something that rarely happens. At some point I made the passage from the couch to my bed and slept better than I have in a long time, feeling fully rested when the alarm woke me from my deep slumber.

These full spectrum, bioavailable, single-strain chocolates are nothing to sleep on, unless that’s the effect you’re actually looking for. They’re packed with both flavor and effect in a market too often saturated with only one or the other. As if it couldn’t get any better, did I mention that they’re vegan and gluten-free? Confident connoisseurs beware – this one will put your normal tolerance to the test!

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