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Cultivar-Specific Hash Rosin Gummi

from 710 Labs

While many brands incorporate live rosin or full flavor extracts in their edibles, these have no additional flavors.

You’d think with the inevitability of edibles tasting like their active ingredient that more producers would embrace the flavor of Cannabis instead of hoping to cover up bitter distillates, but weed culture is still evolving every day. 

This is why the newer breed of products that taste like an actual cultivar (not just a candy) are growing in popularity and market share on shelves filled with dark chocolate and fruit gummies. While having weed in food still feels like a novelty sometimes, the same old options can get tiresome – especially for people who rely on edibles medicinally. 

For the Concentrates Issue, we’re featuring an edible that embodies the strain it’s created from to such a degree that it actually tastes like a rosin dab – straight up. If that sounds bad to you, feel free to turn the page … but for aficionados of the terpenes that contribute to a plant’s taste and aroma, it’s a whole new world of weed flavors. 

710 Labs, a company famous for its super-exclusive list of limited-release drops, are also known for generating Cannabis products that high-key accentuate the plant, from sharply fragrant flowers to bright and audacious concentrates. Case in point: their Hash Rosin Gummi, which takes these signature concentrates and shoves them right into an unflavored candy base. 

Designed by Emerald Cup-winning edible makers Elefante, these confections are molded to match 710’s emoji-esque logo, and are all vegan and gluten-free. We tried their Randy Watzon flavor, and they hit a note that we realized is really missing from the edibles section. While many brands already incorporate live rosin or full flavor extracts in their edibles, these have no additional flavors. It’s so simple, but so brilliant. The result is a jammy and creamy punch of weed flavor that hits like a sugary dry pull, and it’s downright heavenly. Earthy in extremis, these candies give you the flavor and feel of smoking but with the delight of a chewy trifle. It’s like someone made marijuana marmalade that tastes like jellied dirt, gas and hops, in all the ways us heads adore from flower and concentrates consumed via inhalation. 

If you love weed, weed flavors and innovative ways to consume them, this edible is a hit … literally! It’s going to be such a pleasure to try and compare different strains as they’re created – just like sourcing flower. 

This article was originally published in the July 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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