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Globe Trotterz Live Resin Cake Badder

from Evermore Cannabis Company

"My quest was for a true, blended sativa-hybrid effect that would do the heavy lifting of my pain."

Coming in with a tremendous 20% terpene profile, the Globe Trotterz live resin cake badder from Evermore Cannabis Company was a standout in our search for this month’s featured concentrate. The complexity of the profile is distinctly subtle, but ultimately produces a top quality effect that falls perfectly in the sativa-hybrid range. 

It is important to note that Evermore goes the extra mile with transparency and ease of access to product data via the QR code on their labels – making it easy to do a deep dive on your terpene ratios and fully dial-in your desired experience. Given that Cannabis produces over 200 terpenes and labels typically only include the top nine of the profile, having access to the entire COA is a wonderful opportunity to nerd out on the nuances.

In this case my quest was for a true, blended sativa-hybrid effect that would do the heavy lifting of my pain, but still prop up my mood and focus for the day. The Globe Trotterz label read 6% myrcene with 5% limonene, tempered with ample amounts of pinene, caryophyllene and linalool (my own personal mental health cocktail), which absolutely grabbed my attention. But because Evermore gave such easy access via their QR code, I was able to see the tail end of the massive 20% profile – where small bits of fenchol, terpineol, terpinolene and camphene rounded out this stellar product.  

Camphene is in the pinene family of terpenes, and tends to amplify the focusing effects of pinene in a more refined sense – a lovely addition to this Globe Trotterz live resin cake badder. The aroma of the blend created an image of alpine forest berries, leaving me with the tantalizing challenge of teasing out the fermented fruits and light woody gasses encompassed in this profile. A big thanks to Evermore Cannabis Company for making my patient research as easy as possible, and for producing such a fragrant, delicious and highly effective sativa-hybrid extract!

Web: evermorecompany.com | @evermorebrands

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