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Hawaiian Punch Gummies

from Canamo

The soft, pillowy texture nearly melts in your mouth.

According to Paris is Burning, “It is a known fact that a woman do carry an evening bag at dinnertime.” And a lot of times, that handbag is stuffed so full there’s nowhere to put your weed. Thankfully, the geniuses at Canamo Confections Alaska have run their normal-sized THC gummies through Wonka Vision to create a more petite version perfect for discreet travel and consumption.

Although the Polly Pocket-sized gummies come in a variety of options, we honed in on the Hawaiian Punch flavor. Surprisingly, these brightly colored little morsels were packed with weedy goodness from the first bite to the, uh, well, first bite. In truth, we didn’t pick up on much else in terms of flavor, but in a market saturated with sugary confections, it was nice to dig into something that tasted like weed.

The texture of the gummies is also worth noting. The soft, pillowy texture nearly melts in your mouth – but still has a tiny bit of chew to it as well. While they did soften and partially melt when carried in a pocket, they managed to hold their shape nicely. With the warmer summer months upon us, that’s a major plus!

In terms of the high, these 5mg treats were perfect for micro-dosing throughout the day. The particular strain in our pack, Key Lime Pie, left us with a nice, mellow body high. We upped our dosage to 20mg at night and found ourselves with a pleasant cerebral buzz. It wasn’t enough to lull us to sleep, but it did come with an unexpected burst of creative energy that fueled several hours of drawing stick figures.

Truly, there are very few downsides to these delicious morsels.

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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