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Legally Lit Delta 8 Gummies

from Team Oops

If you’d like to feel slightly chilled out without any psychoactive changes, these are the gummies for you.

Delta 8 – a derivative and isomer of CBD and THC Delta 9 – is a controversial yet exciting product that is taking the Cannabis world by storm. 

Have chemists created a product on par with the celebrated and beloved THC Delta 9? Most Cannabis consumers would object to such a blasphemous claim. However, some users report feeling more confident and “in-control” when consuming Delta 8, which doesn’t produce the psychoactive effects of Delta 9. I personally wonder, what is the point without a little intoxication? So, I decided to test out this relatively new cannabinoid and keep an open mind throughout the experience.

Connecticut-based Team Oops, a brother and sister-run company, makes Legally Lit Delta 8 gummies containing 9mg (per gummy) of hemp-derived Delta 8 THC as tested by MCR labs. Unlike Delta 9, Delta 8 is currently legal at the federal level, however, some states have passed bans on the THC derivative so it may not be available where you live. 

With an assortment of three flavors – Tart Strawberry, Citrus Punch and Blue Slushie – these gummies pop, both visually and on the taste buds. Legally Lit makes a solid first impression thanks to professional packaging with appealing pink and green colors that make you feel excited to try the product. The plastic pop-top is sealed on three sides, each with an easy push-tab that you must press to unlock. The innovative packaging itself is something of a marvel – especially if you are familiar with other legal hemp packaging currently on the market. Many companies have gone a bit overboard with child-proofing precautions and concealing the product. Legally Lit splits the difference by being both effective and easy to use. 

Covered in sugar, Legally Lit Delta 8 Gummies look appetizing and fun. They are perfect little cubes that appear to be just the right portion. I started off by eating two of them and planned to wait an hour or so before consuming more. The flavor was good enough, although I’m not sure that there’s much distinction between the assorted flavors and there is a definite hempy/earthiness in the aftertaste. 

The gummies are a bit on the hard side, but still pleasant and palatable. After consuming a couple, I immediately felt a bit calmer. I am typically outgoing and positive without much anxiety, but I still noticed a vibe of overall wellness with these. After eating two more gummies, and having tried each flavor, the Blue Slushie emerged as my favorite. 

The calming effects grew stronger as I started to zone out, but not in a disconnected way – more of a feeling of contentment. After 20 minutes or so, the subtle feelings wore off without any after effects and left me productive enough to type this review and even answer an email or two. Having taken THC Delta 9 edibles for over 10 years, I can tell you that I don’t normally have the ability to be very productive after consumption. It’s a good change of pace, but not exactly comparable to the normal edible high. 

If you are looking for uncontrollable laughter, visuals, and strong pain relief, Delta 8 is not the answer. However, if you’re seeking a subtle brain-break, or if you’d like to feel slightly chilled out without any psychoactive changes, these are the gummies for you. 

**Legally Lit Delta 8 Gummies can be found online at TeamOops.com. Each unit costs $20 and can be shipped to certain states.** 

This article was originally published in the July 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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