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Lemon Meringue Cannabis Jellies

from Drops

Where have these things been my whole life? Oh right, federally restricted.

I’ll be honest here, it was the brightly colored packaging that lured me in. Typically, I’m at the dispensary to load up on flower and concentrates, but as an afterthought, I’ll throw some edibles in my bag to have on hand at the house. For me, 5mg is plenty to send me into a deep afternoon nap, so I just grab whatever looks fun and expect it to work about as well as any other edible.

Drops, with their playful tins in a rainbow of colors and strain choices selected to match the candy flavor, definitely hit the “fun” mark. I opted for the Active pack, 10 pieces of bright yellow lemon-flavored gummies infused with lemon meringue live resin at 5mg THC each.

I tried one just to see what I was getting into. Softer than those super chewy gummy bears we grew up with, these Drops are still tough enough to keep their cute little cube shapes without the fear that they might melt into one 50mg edible on a warm day. Intensely flavored, just one tiny cube was enough for me to appreciate the nostalgic flavor of a sweet and sour lemon drop.

You can almost put yourself in my shoes a couple of hours later. A gigantic grin on my face trying to figure out what had turned my entire mood around and which classic episode of “The Simpsons” to watch. “Oh, the Drops!” I exclaimed to no one in particular. The drowsy experience I normally shrug off had been replaced with a full-body feeling of carefree enjoyment.

By sourcing full-spectrum live Cannabis resin for the gummies, the folks at Drops can get extra specific with the desired effect. They use the myrcene dominant Grease Monkey strain paired with cherry for their Dreamy pack, and Bruce Banner with its spike of limonene at the center of their Creative orange jellies. Though this product line is centered around THC, they also offer a line of flavors with differing THC and CBD ratios such as the blueberry flavored and CBD-centric Relief pack.

For this seasoned stoner, it’s an interesting feeling to get the same sort of effect from just one of these infused Drops that I would get from inhaling a half-gram joint on my lunch break. For those situations where you simply can’t step out and smoke, I think these are a fantastic alternative. 

Finding myself inclined to eat a few more during my downtime to see if I could shift my perspective that most edibles are simply for sleeping, I put a nice dent in the 10-pack and found myself wearing sunglasses indoors, trying unsuccessfully to stifle a giggle. 

Where have these things been my whole life? Oh right, federally restricted.

This article was originally published in the July 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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