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Mimosa Rosin Capsules

from Blue River Terpenes and Extracts

Mimosa Rosin Capsules from Blue River present a slightly new take on the classic Cannabis capsules.

Presenting a slightly new take on the classic Cannabis capsules, we find Mimosa Rosin Capsules from Blue River Terpenes and Extracts. Based in Oakland, Blue River uses a patented mechanical extraction method to create the full-spectrum solventless concentrates used in all of their products, winning over 50 awards in the past six years from nearly every major Cannabis competition. 

These rosin capsules – which are their first foray into the edibles market – are available in three strain-specific varieties: Strawberry Banana, Peanut Butter Cup and Mimosa. All three varieties are vegan, organic and 100% natural, and contain the standard dose of 10mg of THC per capsule. Aside from the mechanically-extracted cannabinoids and Cannabis-derived terpenes, these Mimosa caps also contain 100 percent pure orange oil, annatto seeds (a natural food coloring that has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties) and inositol – a natural carbohydrate that helps relieve anxiety and depression. Each bottle contains 30 capsules and is made from amber glass – a plus since plastic would not only be bad for the environment, but could possibly leech if it came in contact with the citric acid in the orange oil. 

Since the capsules are flavored with strain-specific terps and essential fruit oil, we wanted to taste their contents rather than just swallowing them whole. Pulling one open and stirring the powder into a half glass of water – just like the bubbly brunch cocktail after which it’s named – the Mimosa mixture was orange-yellow in color, had a subtle and refreshing flavor (with only a slight and very pleasant Cannabis aftertaste), and provided a mellow morning buzz that lasted for a few hours. The label says it typically takes around 30 minutes for the onset of effects, but we took it on a practically empty stomach and it didn’t really hit until around 45 minutes in. 

The verdict? These rosin capsules are a simple, safe, stealthy and healthy way to get medicated. And after sampling the Mimosa caps, I honestly can’t wait to try their other flavors – especially that Peanut Butter Cup – which I’m guessing will be even more delicious. You can find these and other Blue River products at dozens of dispensaries all across Northern and Southern California.

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