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Mochi Gummies

from Sundae School

The Milktea flavor is my favorite because there's nothing else like it on the market.

Sundae School does weed differently. The brand dabbles in culture in a way that drastically sets them apart from other Cannabis brands. Aside from their edibles, infused drinks and diamond-laden pre-rolls, they have an urban-stoner fashion line that’s graced the runways of New York Fashion Week. Repping weed on the world stage, especially as Korean Americans, will always be an iconic “f—you” to the global powers that continue to uphold the stigma – and all the boring, pretentious people who think potheads aren’t hot.

Sundae School is also bringing heat to the edibles game. The level of creativity fused into every mochi gummy bite is impressive and I say that because many edible gummies are the same: fruity, chewy, sugary – and come in geometric configurations. Sundae School’s gummies are not this. Not only are they in the shapes of daisies with big rounded petals, but the flavors and textures of the mochi gummies are one of a kind. 

They come in four unique, strain-specific flavors: Sour Yuzu with Elderflower (sativa), Sour Yuzu with White Tea (sativa), Brown Sugar Milktea Sundae (indica) and Lychee Dragon Fruit (hybrid). It’s refreshing to see edibles outside the typical berry, melon and tropical fruit flavor paradigm. Each edible contains 10mg of THC, but given how small and thin these cutesy, infused flowers are, you wouldn’t expect them to have more than 2mg of THC. It makes sense that the packaging boasts the phrase, “tiny but mighty.”

Texture makes these gummies different from others on dispensary shelves. As soon as I started chewing a Milktea Sundae gummy, it felt as if I was chewing on the soft, powdery outer layer of a mochi ice cream treat. Before my infused mochi gummy experience, I thought mochi was an ice cream ball (I’m cringing at my reductive Western brain as I type this!), not realizing that only the outer layer of sticky rice dough called “glutinous rice” is mochi. Coming to this realization almost made my brain slide out of my ear!

The Milktea flavor is my favorite because there’s nothing else like it on the market. The other flavors are also delicious, but you can find edibles with similar fruit essences. One of the best features of these mochi gummies is that they’re not sweet like candy. The Milktea gummy tastes like unsweetened rice tea. The Yuzus and Lychee emit more fruit flavors (they’re made with real fruit, after all), but the entire mochi gummy product line is low in sugar. I wish more edibles were this way … I would be inclined to eat them more.

The gummies don’t taste like Cannabis, and they’re fast-acting – as in, you’ll start feeling the effects of THC about 20 minutes after ingestion. It’s nice when edibles have a quick onset. It leaves little room for scarfing the entire bag because you didn’t feel them at first. Sundae School’s mochi gummies help people transcend that common mistake – and look chíc while getting adequately stoned.

This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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