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Mushroom Infused Edibles Roundup

It’s always fun & exciting to try new products, and you certainly don’t see mushroom infused edibles every day.

Scarlet “Ruby Couverture” Chocolate Bar from Bliss Mushrooms

Bliss Mushrooms is an Oakland-based brand producing exotic variety fruits, microdose capsules and an array of flavored infused chocolate bars, including this Scarlet “Ruby Couverture” varietal only recently released. The pink hue of the chocolate is derived from the ruby cocoa beans the bar is crafted with and does not contain any dyes or coloring. The flavor and sweetness of the chocolate is somewhere between milk and white chocolate, and the bar is covered with mouthwateringly-tart powdered organic raspberry that does a lot to balance the sweetness. Each bar packs 3.5g of mushrooms and is scored for easy separation and dosing. Available at select outlets in Oakland, Santa Cruz and Arcata, Bliss’s infused chocolate bars are some of the first mushroom products you can legally buy from brick and mortar stores in California cities where psilocybin is decriminalized.

APE Infused Chocolate Bar from Golden Door Chocolate

Golden Door Chocolate is a side project from some great folks operating a small Cannabis edibles brand on California’s adult-use market. The quality of the product is immediately apparent – this chocolate bar screams handcrafted and small-batch and looks like one of those expensive bars you’d find in a fancy grocery store. Featuring 100% organic ingredients, beautifully ornate custom packaging and a blend of a rare psilocybin mushroom with adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms, everything about it is high end. The APE strain is noticeably more potent, cerebral and difficult to grow than the more commonplace cubensis that most psychedelic mushroom cultivators are working with. Thankfully, there is a handy dosing guide and the bar is scored to create nine even pieces to take the guesswork out of it and help you get on the exact level you want.

Psychedelic Beverage Microdose Elixir from Elevated Elixirs

Edible glitter, drinkable mushrooms – oh yeah, Elevated Elixirs is a fun time! But not too fun. Their beverages are infused with just .4g of psilocybin mushrooms each, meaning half a bottle is good for roughly one microdose, and a whole bottle is either two microdoses or one micro trip. These lovely little bottles of liquid joy come in a variety of flavors and the team at Elevated Elixirs is constantly working on developing and rolling out new recipes. The lemonade elixir is absolutely delicious and highly crushable with almost no detectable mushroom taste. It’s always fun and exciting to try new products, and you certainly don’t see glittery psychedelic mushroom beverages every day.

This article was originally published in the August 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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