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Queen Mary Functional Edible Trio

from Queen Mary

Queen Mary has entered the California market with intention and focus.

These days, most edibles brands are focused on flashy packaging and creating a product whose single greatest benefit is profit for a small number of people. Contrary to this approach, Queen Mary has entered the California market with intention and focus, launching with three complementary products designed to be used in conjunction and as a daily regimen.  

The lineup consists of a tincture high in THCV and infused with coffee extract and Vitamin D, a strawberry lemonade gummy made with full spectrum rosin, rhodiola and Vitamin B12, and a lavender blueberry gummy with full spectrum rosin and CBN.

Their Elixir Boost tincture is high in THCV, which is found in heavy concentration in cultivars like Durban Poison and often provides an energizing, clear-headed and focused effect. Vitamin D is also known to boost concentration levels and has a laundry list of benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory to immune health. Combining THCV with Vitamin D and a coffee extract, the Elixir Boost tincture is a perfect addition to any morning routine.  

Queen Mary’s Enchanted Strawberry Lemonade gummies recently took home third place in the hotly-contested Gummies category at the 2022 Emerald Cup. These treats are infused with nano-enhanced Cannabis oil, so they are absorbed by the body in 15-20 minutes for most users, and are made with full spectrum rosin for a balanced and well-rounded effect. The flavor is absolutely delightful, bursting with juicy strawberry notes and backed by a touch of herbal Cannabis flavor. Each gummy is 10mg – just enough to take the edge off and help you transition into your afternoon responsibilities without losing focus. 

The Moonstruck Lavender Blueberry gummies are just the trick to help you round out your day and wind down for a relaxing night’s sleep. They perform as advertised – doing a fantastic job helping calm the body and mind.

Why weed your way through the endless sea of gummies when you could work your way through the day with this masterful lineup from Queen Mary? These fine-tuned formulations are a trio of highly flavorful and functional products that get the job done, and we’re here for it.  

Elixir: 10mg THC + 3mg THCV per serving

Gummies: 10mg THC per serving

This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of California Leaf.

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