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Strawberry Moose Milk from Stoney Moose Kitchens

The strawberry has taken us by both the heart and the taste buds.

Stoney Moose Kitchens out of Ketchikan is known for making some of the best cookies around, which is why it was so exciting when they released Moose Milk in August 2019. Who wouldn’t want to indulge by dipping an infused cookie into an ice-cold glass of infused milk? Thinking about it now, maybe that was the cause of our Covid weight gain – but hey, we enjoyed every delicious calorie!

To start, you could only get Moose Milk in original or chocolate – but now you can have your pick of four flavors, including strawberry and seasonally produced eggnog. Although we love all of the flavors, the strawberry has taken us by the heart and taste buds. 

Made with organic strawberry powder, natural strawberry oil, and natural strawberries, Moose Milk’s pink wonder smacks you right in the face with all that strawberry goodness. The thick yet smooth texture is reminiscent of a slightly melted milkshake, which can make it hard to stop at one serving. If you are still developing your tolerance for edibles, we’d recommend having something sweet to gnosh on after taking a swig because the sweetness of Moose Milk will beckon you to keep drinking. 

Taste and texture aside, Moose Milk is also formulated to get you high, fast. Nice and fatty, whole milk is the perfect carrier agent for THC to pass the blood brain barrier, fill your cannabinoid receptors and offer you that soothing relaxation within minutes – not hours. We first noticed the beginnings of a relaxing body high hitting us within 15 minutes. An hour later, we were deep in couchlock and vibing out to a Rebelution mix on Spotify while debating the meaning of the number 42. The next thing we knew, it was four hours later and we had a little drool on our pillow. So do beware, the intensity of the high can sneak up on you if you overindulge. 

Bottom line, there is a lot to love about Moose Milk and no matter the flavor, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed. 

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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