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Vegan Capsules

from Enlighten

The sativa buzz is a little more cerebral and energetic, while one or two indica capsules before bed made us sleepy.

As we head back to our fall routines, it’s important to keep cannabinoid levels high and stress levels low – and we found these quality-focused and precision-dosed capsules perfect for a discreet and experience-specific buzz.

Getting your daily dose of cannabinoids is as important as getting vitamins or coffee, and brings a lot of benefits to long days or recovering at the end of an evening. We love edible options that are easy to consume and these capsules serve as a consistent, discreet way to find medicinal or recreational benefits in any situation. Simply pick your buzz, whether you prefer or need an indica or sativa, and pop one or more capsules to find the right dose for the situation.

Made with three simple ingredients and enclosed in a vegan capsule that’s coated to survive the highly acidic stomach environment, these deliver THC with increased bioavailability that gets the CO2 processed oil to peak absorption within the body. This process carries the cannabinoids further into the digestive system, which results in a stronger and longer lasting high – and positive benefits for anyone looking to treat stomach or GI issues. Best taken with food or after a meal, these capsules break down in the stomach and send waves of relief that move outward from the gut to extremities and the mind.

Being true stoner guinea pigs, we tried both sativa and indica versions and found a noticeable difference that made the edible experience a lot more pleasant. The sativa buzz is a little more cerebral and energetic, while one or two indica capsules a few hours before bed left us happily stoned and pain-free at the end of a long day, resulting in easy sleep. That’s the beauty of a precision-dosed and specific-use product like Enlighten’s Vegan Capsules – you can choose the right effects for any situation, and know that the care and quality put into the product will deliver consistent, happy results – day or night.

This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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