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6ixth Sense

from Fig Farms

From a fruit punch flavor to a gassy, nail polish-like nose tickler.

The award-winning team at Fig Farms has cultivated another top-notch strain with their 6ixth Sense – a Sherb Bx1 phenotype that they found from two packs of seeds. This variety is a pairing of Sherb x (Sherb x Animal Cookies Bx2) from Seed Junky Genetics, and while there are a lot of other claims to its lineage that circle the internet, that info comes straight from J-Beezy’s team at Seed Junky. 

Few cultivators have worked their genetic lines over the years as well as Fig Farms has, as evidenced by the huge pheno hunt they undertook to find this gem. “We went through 300 or 400 different seeds,” Fig Farms’ founder Keith Healy tells the Leaf, “but that one was a standout phenotype early on in the hunt. … We didn’t really base it on THC percentage. I’m more excited because it’s different.”

Different, indeed. When you first glance at the 6ixth Sense, it looks familiar with the dark notes from the Sherb coming through, and the same can be said of its structure. But that’s where all of the classic San Francisco dessert-weed aspects of 6ixth Sense end. 

Popping the jar brings an almost aggressive, concentrated red Kool-Aid smell – but those sweet notes are just a mask, as the nugs actually hide a lot of the nose. Once you crunch into them and get a good whiff of all the cannabinoids inside, it turns from a fruit punch into a gassy, nail polish-like nose tickler. Rarely does a strain possess a profile that smells so potent, but with so much sweetness on top of it. 

That wild nose carries right over into a flavor reminiscent of Pixy Stix. The taste is not quite as fruity as the nose suggests, but that’s a good thing: Most of the strains that taste the sweetest aren’t your heavy hitters. 

As for the high, it’s about as full-bodied as you’ll find with something so tasty. And since it’s a solid hybrid, it won’t stick you to the couch or make your day too fast-paced. Bottom line: 6ixth Sense brings a balanced high with a decent cerebral edge.

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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