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Amnesia OG

from Culta

Taking the time to savor this strain will result in a very rich and tasty toke that ends in a heavy stone.

The Amnesia OG from Culta is a great way to wind down the summer months and transition into a very mellow fall. Truly a delicious flower, the Amnesia OG reminds me of a fruity Jack Herer, but with a way deeper headspace and a little bit of earthiness. The flower tested at over 3% total terps – mostly the heavy-hitting but deliciously-fruity varieties. There are strong notes of tree fruits wafting from this flower, making it a great strain for transitioning to the autumn months, as it complements the local orchard smells beautifully.

Beyond the deliciously bold fruit smells, the high and smoke is absolutely excellent. It is rare to find a flower that makes it to market with such a good cure on it, but the post-harvest team at Culta nailed the Amnesia OG. The joint I rolled had a perfect, slow, even burn and the smoke was full and flavorful. You can really appreciate a well-cured flower in the quality of the smoke itself, and taking the time to savor this strain will result in a very rich and tasty toke. 

As for the effects, buckle up. This heavy dose of myrcene, caryophyllene and linalool will have you in for a heavy and stoney time – but there is quite a dollop of limonene there to help focus the high. A formidable pain reliever as well as stress reducer, the Amnesia OG is a stellar example of medicine in Maryland’s market. As autumn starts creeping into your senses and the leaves fall to the ground, make sure this flower is there to fully usher in the crisp vibes of the changing seasons.

culta.io | @cultaig

This article was originally published in the October 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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