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Apple Fritter

from Maine’s Alternative Caring

Oozing the aroma of sour apple cider and an earthy undertone.

Apples have played a huge role in American history with a deep cultural resonance dating back to before the founding of the Republic. For our Independence Day celebrations just around the corner next month, I sought out an apple-flavored weed strain to light up with on the Fourth of July. Declaring my desire to honor “baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Cannabis” to Maine’s Alternative Caring’s co-owner D.J., he directed me to an exquisite collection of strains that fit the bill. 

“You’re in luck! We’ve got several apple-flavored strains!” said D.J. as he flipped burgers during their 4/20 party in front of the dispensary. After sampling their dank varieties, I settled on their delightful Apple Fritter. 

Apple Fritter is a hybrid cross of Animal Cookies and Sour Apple bred by Lump’s Flowers. The growing team at Maine’s Alternative Caring in Windham deserves great credit for cultivating such a tasty product. In the eighth jar, there were two large, tight nuggets with the aroma of sour apple cider and an earthy undertone. Oozing a potent stickiness as I attempted to pour out the buds, one even got stuck to the rim of the glass jar.

The flowers boast a dark olive-green coloring with bright orange hairs. A closer look reveals the buds are completely covered in trichomes that sparkle as though they were coated in sugar. They’re easy to break up and roll, with no need for a grinder as long as you don’t mind sticky fingertips. 

The flavor reminds me of apple danishes or eating the apple pie right out of the tin (as I often enjoy with my morning mug of coffee). As a daytime smoke, I found Apple Fritter helped keep me focused and creative with strong effects that came on quickly – just a couple puffs and my stresses were chased away. With each consecutive toke, I seemed to just get higher and higher – eventually feeling as though I was one with the universe. If you’re more of an evening toker, this is the perfect strain to fill a Sherlock pipe with by the fireside for a relaxing night.

Medicinally, I highly recommend Apple Fritter for chronic pain, depression and stress, but don’t sleep on this strain’s sociability. Bring it to family picnics, outdoor camping trips, hiking excursions with friends or parades that end with fireworks – no matter where you find yourself this summer, at least you’ll have the fire.  

This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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