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 Apple Sherbet

from Five Star Flower

These sexy, dense nugs are covered in red pistils and frosty trichomes.

Classic apple pie, apple chips, hot apple cider, applesauce … no matter how you enjoy them, it’s officially apple season! But if you’ve never subscribed to the old adage about an apple a day keeping the doctor away, there’s a new, quite possibly more exciting way to enjoy apples. May we present Five Star Flower’s Apple Sherbet.

These sexy, dense nugs are covered in red pistils and frosty trichomes, making interactions with this plant an amazing tactile experience. After packing a bowl, our fingers were covered in sticky, bubble gum-scented kief that left us salivating. Once lit, the smoke tasted exactly like we’d hoped – sweet and sour apples mixed with cheese. On the exhale, we picked up some light notes of earthy nuttiness that rounded out the robust flavor profile. The only downside to the exhale was the harshness of the smoke. If you’re anything like us and a sneeze can throw out your back, best to tread carefully until you know how your lungs are going to respond because we collapsed into a massive coughing fit after a big toke.

An overachiever, Apple Sherbet is a rare strain from breeders Cannarado Genetics that crosses Apple Juice x Sunset Sherbet. Combining the effects of Apple Juice’s pinene and caryophyllene with Sunset Sherbet’s limonene, Apple Sherbet gives tokers the best of both worlds. In particular, we noted a distinct body high that eased our aches and pains while giving us a delightful kick of creative energy. However, as the high matured, the intensely sedating effects of this indica-dominant hybrid kicked into overdrive. Simply put, the instant we sat down on the couch to play Mario Kart, it was lights out.

All things considered, this strain is likely best left to the seasoned smoker. Not only is the 18.86% THC fairly high, the effects pack quite the potent punch.

This article was originally published in the November 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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