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Artificial Sour

from Trichome Farms

The sharp, rich diesel of Sour D is not the same candy-forward pucker that Artificial Sour carries.

Cracking a jar of Trichome Farm’s Artificial Sour and I’m pleasantly surprised by the scent filling the room. Like tearing into a bag of exotic gummies, it’s a little bit familiar. Eye-opening candy sweet flavors, bright red strawberries, and tart peach rings over an unfamiliar earthy cologne. With such a spacey effect and striking bag appeal, the crew over at Trichome have outdone themselves with this stunning strain.

Trichome introduced this cultivar to the garden when they linked up with a friend of the farm, Stardust Cultivation and Genetics. “He came in and hooked us up with a bunch of his winning cuts, as well as a bunch of seed packs to hunt,” the team tells us. “Stardust personally selected this cut, so we were lucky enough to have the leg work done on this one. [It] really stood out because of the unique terp profile. Although it’s not the best producer, it makes up for it in the taste and nose, so it’s a definite keeper for us.” 

Needless to say, the cultivar quickly earned a place in their garden.

The lineage is renowned Montana Silver Tip crossed with Blue Tang Clan, a Stardust Cultivation creation that’s a dead ringer for the scent of blue Pixy Stix. The flavor of both shines through to create a bouquet of strawberries, dank forest fruits and sour peaches. Funky and fruity (the whole profile is sweet-tooth satisfying) and sugary without ever verging into syrupy or cloying. 

The effect hits quickly and is first felt right behind the eyes, before spreading slowly down the spine like a meditative body scan. Expect relaxation from head to toe without a clue of what we were just talking about.

Usually when we’re opening a jar of Cannabis labeled ”Sour,” we typically think Sour Diesel. But Cannabis offers us a dizzying array of tart flavors. The sharp, rich diesel of Sour D is not the same candy-forward pucker that Artificial Sour carries – though this expression is just as mouthwatering. Hitting shelves around Oregon now, this one is worth seeking out for anyone who craves those big candy flavors and nose-wrinkling profiles

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This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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