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Banana Guava

from Art and Craft Cannabis

The sweetness will please patients that don’t care for the heavier gassy flavors that dominate much of the market.

Cannabis is supposed to taste good and after sampling a few strains grown by Art and Craft Cannabis, I chose to take home some of their delicious Banana Guava flowers. It’s a tasty sativa-dominant variety that’s enjoyable at any time of the day or night. 

An organic farmer first and foremost, Owner Geoff Nosach has been growing organic garlic and hemp on his small farm for years – offering hemp CBD products created using a no-till, hay-mulched and hand-harvested process, and is MOFGA Certified (Central Maine Certified Clean Cannabis Process). Geoff started offering medical Cannabis as a caregiver eight years ago and released his wholesale medical Cannabis four years later to local medical dispensaries in Central Maine.

You really can’t beat the smell and taste of organic, sungrown Cannabis flowers.

The Banana Guava buds provide a sweet banana aroma that’s reminiscent of hard candy, with a hint of citrus bringing a welcome surprise. The sweetness will please patients that don’t care for the heavier gassy flavors that dominate much of the market. 

The flavor reminded me of my grandmother’s banana pudding and I wouldn’t think twice about serving this up to the local older women’s book or tea club back in my small hometown. Not only did it taste good, I felt the medicinal benefits rather quickly. It relaxed my chronic lower back pain and the general stress of life seemed to lessen – giving me a nice creative flow during the day with just a few hits here and there.

The buds broke up nicely as I packed three glass bowls in a row and went for a hike around a local music festival I was attending – giving me a bit of extra energy and enjoyment while grooving to the beat of some live reggae.

If you know someone who’s new to Cannabis or maybe not into the gassy-diesel flavors, introduce them to Banana Guava sungrown flowers. For the more experienced high-tolerance types out there, it provides a heady and energy-rich buzz that’s great for sharing with friends. It’s what the Maine craft Cannabis industry is all about! 

Web: artandcraftcan.com

Social: @artandcraft_canna

This article was originally published in the October 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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