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Banana Split Flower

from In Good Health

"Happy and euphoric, with a touch of cerebral peacefulness."

On a warm and sunny spring day I drove up to Boston to meet with a friend and go on a dispensary tour. We entered Pure Oasis on Blue Hill Avenue and were immediately greeted by a competent staff in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Walking through the door, our identification was checked and we entered a clean white room with large glass partitions. The bright sunshine came through to the checkout counter where I was greeted by a budtender named Gio. 

Gio was smiling and kind, and he seemed to be very knowledgeable. I purchased an eighth of Banana Split by a company called In Good Health from Brockton, Massachusetts – which runs about $55. However, after they add about $10 in taxes and an ATM fee of $3.50, it comes out to around $69 total! 

Before leaving, we stopped and spoke to the manager William, who was very friendly and diligent. He made sure that I got everything I needed and then escorted us out. It was such a pleasant experience that I cannot give enough positive feedback to do it justice. 

When I got home, I opened my brown bag excited to try the Banana Split. Upon smelling the flower, I struggled to find a terpene profile – instead finding only a grassy scent. Upon breaking the flower up, a lemony and earthy fragrance emerged. I also detected notes of sandalwood and a touch of spice. Clusters of brick orange hairs were trimmed neatly and tightly to the calyxes, with no crows feet or stems visible to the eye.

With a THC percentage of 21.5%, this strain gave me a zinging head-high. Smoking this gave me happy, euphoric feelings with a cerebral peacefulness. I also felt moderate indica effects, being fully relaxed without the couch-lock. The ash burned white and clean, telling me that the bud was flushed of nutrients properly.

Overall, I was happy with the strain and delighted by the Pure Oasis dispensary and staff. Get out and enjoy the sunshine with a fruity strain from Gio and the team – you’re guaranteed a great time.

Address: 430 Blue Hill Avenue, Boston, MA 02121

Phone & Web: 617.420.6837 | mypureoasis.com | ingoodhealthma.com

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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