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Banana Treez

from Rythm

"A hybrid lover’s dream with a harmonious balance of heavy indica and airy sativa terpenes."

This month’s featured flower hails from the prestigious Rythm line of premium Cannabis. Banana Treez is an absolutely delicious cultivar that brings a flavorful cascade of tropical fruit and piney evergreen together to create a creamy, minty aroma that carries well into the smoke. 

The nugs feature a gentle green coloration, with vibrant yellow and orange hairs giving the flower a tropical appearance. With island-y flavors to match, the creamy banana and sweet kiwi inhale is followed by a piney, honeysuckle exhale. The profile is a hybrid lover’s dream with a harmonious balance of heavy indica and airy sativa terpenes – producing one of the strongest and most stable highs on the market today!

With .95% limonene at the top of the nose, one would naturally assume an immediately uplifting, sativa-like effect. However, the limonene is tempered with a healthy dose of myrcene, a touch of pinene, and rounded out by a caryophyllene/linalool tail. Indeed, this flower packs a mood elevating punch, but the uplifting qualities never reached a manic, racy place – as is often common with large amounts of limonene and pinene together.

The myrcene offers a strong presence that feels like an anchor preventing one from being lifted too far out of the stratosphere, while the caryophyllene/linalool combo offers a soothing calm that keeps the heart rate mellow. Together these terps create a healthy and nearly even balance, manifesting a robust and powerful high that maintains an even keel as you navigate your day.

Bonus points must be given for the fact that there is a true banana scent that carries into the flavor of the smoke. On top of that, there is a subtle woody/piney element that shines through as well, thus checking the boxes of both banana and treez. It’s rare to encounter a flower that smells and tastes like what it is named, but I wouldn’t expect anything but the best flower from Rythm – they have time and time again churned out some of Maryland’s tastiest floral treats and most effective herbal medicine. 

Web: rythm.com | @rythm_official

This article was originally published in the April 2021 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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